09 January 2008

Aquarius Tower: Sun and Wind-Powered Condominiums

Integrated solar panels produce half the building's power. A five-story wind tunnel incorporates 60 wind turbine generators.
This dream 500 foot tall condominium is much more than just another residence. A lot of effort, innovation and dedication to environment have gone into making this building stand apart. One will be surprised to know that almost half of the power used in this tower will actually be generated by the building itself.

How? Well, the designer developer Antonio Escandariof Florida has quite seamlessly and in a unique manner incorporated the power of major elements; sun, wind and water into the design and mad ethem look beautiful like nevr before. Escandri has planned a five floor wind tunnel which will have about 60 small turbines. The solar panels would actually make half the building’s power free. Plans are to add on sustainable features throughout construction and to use recycled building materials and thermally efficient products in the 38 story building. You won’t have to drive down to park your cars, the state of the art underground robotic valet parking system takes care of it all. It is also vouched to be pollution free.

Located across from the Georgia aqaurium this mast shaped condominium compliments the boat shaped aquarium.

This condo tower will be located near tourist attractions like the Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia Aquarium.

Most upscale residents of the Atlanta area live in a wide perimeter around the city. Such projects as this are continuing attempts to reinvigorate areas of the inner city. Think of it as "high-rise" gentrification.

Atlanta as a whole is a thriving metropolis. But like most inner cities in the US, Atlanta's inner city is suffering from lack of vision and leadership. The African-American community of Atlanta has succeeded in achieving sustained control of city government, but Af-Am leadership in Atlanta--just like in several other African American led cities of the US--is unable to inspire and motivate most inner city residents to be high-achieving participants in the economic mainstream.

The Aquarius Tower incorporates some interesting futuristic, sustainable ingredients. But although I would not mind staying there when visiting Atlanta for a conference or convention, I would not want to live in Atlanta's troubled inner city.

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