28 November 2007

Volitan Yacht: Solid Sails + Photoelectric Power

Here is an intriguing yacht concept: solid sails, double outriggers (each with electric motor propeller drive and adjustable underwater stabiliser), and plenty of photovoltaic cells. Check out the video.
Designed by Turkish design firm Designnobis Studio, the Volitan is a new lightweight, futuristic, and green concept boat that runs using solid sails, wind power and solar energy. The name comes froma word that means ‘flying fish.’ Actually, it looks like a fish with her sails down. The functions of the Volitan are controlled and optimized by a networked computer. The solid sails, which are equipped with double layer solar cell panels, are used to harness both wind and solar energy. If the sea goes rough, the boat’s wings fold up against the boat, but there is nothing to worry as because the Volitan is engineered to operate in up to 60 knot winds.

Moreover, the futuristic boat is able to turn on a dime with the help of the two smaller stabilizer wings. Going green is the current trend and owning a green boat would be among the wish-list of the uber-rich. Let’s see if the ingenious concept meets realism.
Hat tip technovelgy


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