13 August 2007

Ski Dubai Slopes, Then Chill in Dubai Ice Lounge

Outside, it may be 120 degrees F in the shade. Inside, you can snow ski for hours at Ski Dubai, yet another tourist destination in the jewel of the Emirates.If you look carefully, you can see the silver structure in the center of the photograph--Ski Dubai! Many more photos here!

After you have skied to your heart's content, you can step into the Chillout lounge, an ice oasis in the desert. You can travel many thousands of miles to be in one of the world's hottest and most arid regions--and forget where you are. Of course, if you get tired of the snow and ice, you can simply step outside. Source

Hat tip Impact Lab.

The United Arab Emirates is run by Arab royalty, but is populated by majority non-arab. The architects, engineers, and skilled technicians and workers who are building Dubai and other Emirates, are from the outside.

But the rulers of the UAE appear interested in a more liberal lifestyle than you will find in KSA. Consider the Emirates a type of gateway to the Arab world. Where Arabs can learn about the larger world and outsiders can work and learn about the Arab world.

Eventually, Arab countries will need to learn to live without the oil income crutch. The Emirates are trying several alternatives, including tourism.


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