21 April 2007

Nanotechnology: The Business

Nanotechnology is not only a field of active research, it is also a business for several companies. Advanced Nano blog presents an update for a leading nanotechnology company, Zyvex.
Zyvex creates a multi-functional “bridge” between the CNT sidewalls and the host material or solvent.

This “bridge” contains two major components. One component adheres to the nanomaterials; the other easily customizes to any application. This technology allows Zyvex to quickly adapt to our customer’s needs, providing early adopters with rapid time to market — and a very unique product. We have designed our additive for numerous solvents and host materials.

The structure sitting atop the carbon nanotube pictured above is "the bridge." By providing a connecting link between the nanotube and other products such as pharmaceuticals, antibodies, genetic material, radioactive isotopes, etc., Zyvex provides other companies and laboratories with a tool for solving many problems of nanotube research. These problems include phase separation, aggregation, poor dispersion within a matrix, and poor adhesion to the host. Zyvex has also developed other improvements that should aid labs and companies in incorporating nanotubes into their products.

One particularly intriguing product from Zyvex is the Nanolock Structure, a Lego-like structural component for building in the micro scale. As structural building component systems become ever smaller, the prospects for home rapid prototyping and "molecular" assemblers become more clear.

Thanks again to Advanced Nanotechnology Blog for its careful coverage of nanotechnology and other critical areas impacting the future.


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