29 April 2007

Carnival of Space--It's About Time

Blog carnivals can be exceptionally informative. But up until now, there has been no Carnival of Space.
The recent Space Access ‘07 conference focused on private business efforts to get into space. I was surprised by just how close we are to being able to buy a “reasonable” ticket into space.

....The Robot Guy explains What NASA Should Be Doing, But Isn't: DARPA's Orbital Express program is everything that DART should have been, and more – and is exactly the sort of thing NASA doesn't do anymore, due to budget constraints. (Some cool graphics.)

Brian Wang, who blogs at advancednano, writes that Possibly the last NIAC studies are being released. He reviews two of the more interesting recent concepts from NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, NIAC. One is the space bubble concept where bubbles up to 1000 kilometers (!) in size are created and then made rigid. The other concept is using two lightweight lunar Winnebagos to provide a mobile base camp for lunar exploration. Check out the pictures!
Much more at the source

Henry Cate attended Space Access '07 and came away inspired to start the Carnival of Space. This may be a small seed in the creation of the human exodus into space. But it is a critical step toward interesting people at the grass roots level--informing them what is being done and what could be done.

So check out the first Carnival of Space. And if you can help Henry keep the carnival new and exciting, do what you can.


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