30 April 2007

3-6 Year Olds: More Competence Than the Average College Freshman?

The 3-6 Year Old Montessori training is all about developing basic competencies. The more competent the child, the more confident. Children who are both confident and competent--while taught to work both independently and with others--earn their self-esteem.

The narcissism that is so typical of the modern university student is often an ego defense, created to protect the hollow core of incompetence from exposure. No wonder most students are so susceptible to the indoctrination they face at most universities. It is no wonder that students sign the consent form for their own academic lobotomies. What is surprising is the complicity of their parents.

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Blogger Javier Marti said...

Thanks for sharing this video with us. I had heard of these schools but didn't know much about them.
Please feel invited to write an article in Trendirama too (I am the founder)
You seem an interesting person and good writer.


Thursday, 03 May, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Thank you, Javier.

I expect to have much more time for writing in the next few months.

Friday, 04 May, 2007  

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