27 February 2007

Next Generation of Threats

There are always threats to human civilisation--even to human existence. With advancing technologies come newer generations of threats.

The Lifeboat Foundation is dedicated to seeing humanity through the labyrinth of accumulating existential threats. The Lifeboat Foundation has formed advisory boards and staff to issue reports on existential risks, and to devise workable programs to deal with these risks.

Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board member Alan H. Goldstein has written some insightful and provocative reports on risks of bionanotechnology and artificial life.

Advisory Board member Robert Freitas has written a stimulating report on the risks of molecular manufacturing.

Here is a paper dealing with emergency response training for a sarin nerve gas attack on Manhattan. Here is a short LBF report on weapons containment.

The Lifeboat Foundation deals with issues from a balanced energy policy, to the Norwegian "doomsday vault", to a wide variety of other issues. By drawing on expertise from a broad cross-section of society, the LBF tries to avoid the "inbreeding" of opinion that exists in most academic, government, military, and inter-governmental panels, committees, and organisations. Bold thinking is called for to face existential threats, and the LBF strives for bold and innovative approaches to the threats.


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Blogger Michael Anissimov said...

Great summary of the highlights of the very important Lifeboat Foundation. I encourage you to join as an Economy Member if you can afford it and have the desire!

Tuesday, 27 February, 2007  

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