03 December 2006

Convergence at Work

Peekvid offers free streaming videos online from several genres. Feature films, TV shows, Anime, Cartoons, Independent TV, Sports, and more. Check them out and see if they have anything you like.

The quality can be uneven, and some videos may display "Evaluation Copy" printed on the side of the picture. Even so, it is interesting how the convergence of computers with video entertainment continues to develop.

The explosion of activity and enterprise surrounding the web is something no one could foresee in entirety. Peekvid seems to lie within a gray zone, and may run into copyright problems eventually. Nevertheless, convergence is unstoppable at this point--data processing, communication, entertainment, background music, creativity enhancing software, telecommuting, distance education, a glimpse of freedom to those oppressed by totalitarianism and stone age theocracy. All of that and more.

Hat tip, GNXP

Update: Video sharing on the web is growing exponentially. Here is a comparison of ten video sharing services from DV Guru. Be sure to check out the comments for more video sharing sites.
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