13 November 2012

US Guns and Ammo Sales: Nowhere to Go but Up

President Barack Obama has been referred to as “salesman of the year” for the gun industry. The nickname is likely to stick around, considering that gun sales are expected to rise like a speeding bullet now that he’s been reelected. _Time

Obama is famous for his remarks about middle Americans -- referring to them as bitter clingers who hold to their guns and religion. The US President's open contempt for the majority of his constituents has been largely filtered out by a sycophantic media -- most accurately referred to as the skankstream media.

But a large measure of Obama's contempt for America and average Americans has filtered through -- enough to trigger an unprecedented boom in gun and ammunition sales.
Reuters reports that within hours of his securing his reelection, President Obama ordered the U.S. United Nations delegation to vote in favor of a UN proposal to fast track an international gun control treaty.

Immediately the word went out that the United States was going to play ball (after having scuttled the last round of talks on the Arms Trade Treaty in July), and a new round of negotiations on the treaty was scheduled for March 18-28 at the UN headquarters in New York City.

...While many accused those making a run on gun stores of reacting rashly, there may be some wisdom in this latest sales spike. _The New American
Around the country, the story coming out of gun stores is the same: Obama is the best salesman for the US gun trade, ever!
It’s not just guns and ammo sales, but also a record number of people signing up for a concealed carry permit. "A lot of people feel that there is a gun ban coming in place, he also eluded that in the second debate that he was looking to reintroduce an assault weapons ban” said Ryan Horsley Manager, Red’s Trading Post. _Gun Sales Up
If gun sales are shooting up in Idaho -- where gun sales have always been high -- you know that Obama is having a stimulatory effect on the industry as a whole. The rise in concealed carry permits is also a nationwide phenomenon -- wherever allowed.

Obama has been trying to turn the US into a Chicago mafia style cronyocracy, with all powers concentrated within the central government. He has been fighting against the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights since even before he was elected.

Obama is not only antagonistic to the Second Amendment -- the Right to Bear Arms. He is antagonistic to any US Constitutional provisions which limit the power of the central government. His ongoing war against the US private sector reflects his antagonism toward any powerful interests which might compete with the central government for influence and control.

The cloud of suspicion hanging over the most recent presidential election -- a suspicion of rampant and institutionalised voter fraud -- does not help the mood of the nation any.

If you decide to acquire a personal arsenal, make sure you understand gun care and gun safety. Take the time to learn the proper care and use of each weapon you acquire, and store all weapons and all ammunition in safe and secure locations. Be responsible.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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Blogger Matt M said...

Having grown up abroad, Obama lacks an appreciation for American institutions like Baseball, apple pie and the Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, 13 November, 2012  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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