14 November 2012

Prepper Movement Receives Huge Boost From Obamelection

Obama has always been good for the survival industry. Something about the election of an unqualified and inexperienced narcissist (solipsist?) to the most powerful political office in the world tends to make large numbers of people just a bit uneasy.
A veritable industry has sprung up around the prepper movement. James Rawles, author of the non-fiction book How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It and a pair of best-selling novels on survival, says 130,000 people regularly read his survivalblog.com, where he and numerous contributors provide tips on how to prepare. The former Army intelligence officer has 40 advertisers selling everything from seeds to silver, and 30 more advertisers on a waiting list.

"It's a growing recognition we live in a very fragile, very interdependent society, with long chains of supply and an increasing dependence on the power grid," says Rawles, who won't say where he lives. "That dependence increases every passing year, and the vulnerability of the infrastructure to technological destruction increases by the year."

He says Superstorm Sandy's devastating impact on the populous Northeast ought to make the need for prepping obvious.

"If anybody had any doubts, if anybody was teasing their neighbors before Sandy" for storing food or preparing a "bugout bag" of essentials, he says, "they are not doing that anymore."

The day after Obama was re-elected, Rowles posted, "Several readers have written to ask me if I plan to stock up on more ammunition and magazines, now that the gun grabbers have further cemented their hold on Washington, D.C. My answer: No. I already have lots of ammunition and magazines."

The business of prepping

Scott Hunt, who co-founded a South Carolina company called Practical Preppers, says phone calls from potential customers increased the day after Election Day. "I am not going to make that correlation," Hunt says, "but you can."

Twenty months ago, Hunt, an engineer, and Dave Kobler, a military veteran, started Practical Preppers to advise people how to stockpile and defend their homes.

Business for Hardened Structures, an engineering firm based in Virginia Beach, is up roughly 40% since 2005, co-owner Brian Camden says. Some of his clients buy gold and silver and other precious metals as a hedge against a possible collapse of the currency, and they want to be able to protect it and their families, he says. So his company designs ways to build underground bunkers, strengthen walls and improve security systems on homes.

Camden says he thinks a grid-destroying electromagnetic pulse from a solar flare is the most likely threat but "after interviewing clients for 20 years, the one thing I do know is no one knows for sure what will happen."

"The rise of al-Qaeda, Islamic terrorism, political divisions here in the U.S., the rich getting richer, the separation of the economic classes," he says, describing what drives customers to him. "At the end of the day, it is asset protection. Most people identify their family as their most important asset. This is a family insurance policy."

...Braxton wrote a book, A Letter to My Friends, that includes the basics he preaches: Have emergency food and water in your home, have a "bugout bag" for every person that includes water, food, clothes, a thumb drive of your financial and other vital information, and other essentials. _Prepper Movement Growing
With the Obama-malaise deepening after recent elections, ordinary Americans seem forced to accept a slow strangulation of opportunity and prosperity. With prospects of living under a dysfunctional mob rule for at least an additional 4 years, many Americans have decided to take steps to provide for themselves, should an increasingly fragile clockwork society finally lose its mainspring (PDF) and ultimate resource.

Ever since the election, the US stock market has reflected this pessimistic mood. The mainstream media has attempted to cover up Obama's mistakes and blunders, but things will finally reach a point beyond which the accidental misdeeds and engineered debacles will achieve results so devastating that they can no longer be covered up -- even from the residual "Obama zombie" component of the population.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. And consider how you might go about becoming more dangerous to those who mean you harm, without appearing to be so.

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Blogger Matt M said...

It's not like we haven't had 2000 years of warning that Armegeddon would come out of the Middle East. And, soon, Iran will be in a position to kick it off.

Wednesday, 14 November, 2012  

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