04 November 2012

Increasing a Woman's Relative Humidity

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Sexual specialists have known for many decades that testosterone can boost a woman's sex drive. Trimel Pharmaceuticals aims to take advantage of that knowledge by providing a quick nasal testosterone gel spray -- just to get the juices flowing.

There is a lot of talk about designing a "Viagra for women." But that is not what women want. Instead, women would like to have a true aphrodisiac that increases sex drive. Viagra is only a facilitator for sex -- it does not increase the drive, it bypasses the drive. The closest thing to a "viagra for women" would be a moderately slippery and long lasting vaginal lubricant.

Here is more on the testosterone nasal spray "Tefina":
A clinical trial is about to get underway in Australia, Canada, and other parts of the world to test a new female ‘sex-drive’ drug that could increase the libido of women suffering from “female orgasmic disorder.” Called Tefina, it’s a testosterone gel that is sprayed up the nose about an hour before a sexual encounter (how romantic). The developers say the drug could boost female sexual arousal and satisfaction.

...We know women with low sexual satisfaction have lower well-being than women who are satisfied with their sexual life. Differences in sexual satisfaction in a relationship commonly lead to the development of substantial tension within the relationship. This tension does not usually remain confined to the bedroom but seeps into other parts of home life, and sometimes beyond.

Testosterone levels play a key role in sexual function, and that is why our approach is based around this hormone. _io9
It takes very little testosterone to affect a woman's mood -- much less than is required for men. And as long as it is not overdone, the testosterone gel should be quite safe.

More from The Australian:
When it hits pharmacy shelves, in possibly three to five years, it has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar earner for the company co-founded by successful Canadian businessman Eugene Melnyk.

Investors in the company are no doubt aware that about $2 billion worth of Viagra is sold each year in the US alone.

At present, the only treatments for women who are unable to fully enjoy sex are therapy-based, although there are some medical options for women with other sexual desire problems.

The treatment, which would be available only by prescription, would be administered as a droplet-sized dose via the nostrils and will be effective from two hours after it is administered for possibly up to eight hours.

The developers say there would be no ill-effects if the sexual activity did not take place. _The Australian
The spray requires a bit of advance planning, and the effect is limited to just a few hours. In other words, the "nymphomania" will not be permanent. In fact, the drug is likely to be ineffective unless the mood is right.

How will this aphrodisiac compare with others? Difficult to say, especially when there are few other aphrodisiacs which have been well studied and scientifically substantiated. But testosterone has been available for women in other forms, without causing a revolution in sales.

The reality of aphrodisia for women, is that a single approach will not work for all. Some women need a drink or three to loosen up enough for sex. Others may need an emotional thrill or scare -- such as a horror story, a late night motorcycle ride in the mountains, or a sexy action adventure flick. And others may need a bit of old fashioned charm, romance, and good natured humour.

In fact, each woman is not only different from every other woman in important ways -- she is also different from herself from one day to the next. What she will need to feel in the mood for intimacy is likely to vary from one night to the next -- and to change in a more systematic way over the years.

Scientists have barely got a clue as to what trips the switch in a woman's mind from indifference to passionate desire. The answer is likely to be multi-faceted, like a diamond. Or something with gold. Lots of gold.

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Blogger Matt M said...

Great news - as long as someone comes up with a way to shoot testosterone nasal spray up a woman's nose without here noticing.

Monday, 05 November, 2012  

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