07 November 2012

A Look at Firepower for the Period of Coming Decline

An Accelerating and Unsustainable Trend that Spells Ultimate Decline

The consequences of the re-instatement of US President Obama will be global in nature. But the first stages of coming decline resulting from the final unmasking of the Obama agenda, will be largely borne by North Americans -- yes, that includes Canadians.

The survival industry is certain to boom like never before. If you have a good survival - related invention or innovation, now would be a good time to perfect it and test its feasibility in the marketplace.

And if you think the guns & ammo business was highly stimulated by an Obama first term: just wait.

"In A Real Life SHTF Situation, Firepower Is the Only Thing"

In a real life SHTF situation the only important thing is firepower. It is the only thing. You must absolutely overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower.

In close quarters the 12 gauge is arguably king. However, as effective as it is, if you step out into the street where ranges easily exceed 100 meters, you may quickly find yourself outgunned. Yes, that also includes your slug gun. Your .22LR will fit thousands of rounds in a backpack, yes. However, if this is your weapon of choice, then your plan will inevitably fail. If you can show me a military that fields a .22LR, I can show you a defeated army. Nations around the world have sought out solutions to maximize the number of rounds their soldiers can carry while considering weight limitations. It is not an accident that they haven’t arrived at the .22LR. You are depending on your weapon to keep you alive. Select your weapon’s chambering wisely, and make sure it has enough horse power to do its job of protecting you effectively. Think in terms of maximizing your capabilities in any scenario. If I only could own one weapon (not recommended), it would be a carbine.

Generally speaking, it easily transitions from close quarters to medium, to moderately long range offering far more security than a shotgun. Be aware of your specific weapon’s limitations and capabilities. Understand its intended purpose and keep it assigned only to tasks in which it excels, if possible.

An M4 is not an M16 for all intents and purposes. While the M4 is more suitable and controllable in close quarters, your maximum effective range on a point target is limited by its shorter barrel. With the M16, you extend your effective range at the cost of cumbersome handling in confined spaces. If you anticipate longer range encounters in your area of operation you may opt for a different weapon system altogether. _SurvivalBlog
More on weapons selection from Captain Dave:
One, you need a battle rifle. Military weapons are built to take punishment and keep on working. If you are on a budget then get an SKS, I prefer the Russians, but the Chinese weapon is good also. The rifle comes with a shortened stock, and most women I know that have shot the weapon like the short stock and light recoil. The weapon's price is from $200 to $300 and ammo for a case is about $100. The SKS is a proven battle rifle, chrome barrel and very reliable. Compared to the .30 caliber carbine the SKS is far superior. The SKS round past a 100 yards has more knockdown power then the M16. I have choreographed the SKS and most brands come in at 2400 fps.

...The next choice is the M 1 Garand. This 30-06 caliber is a very proven weapon. The U.S. used this caliber in WW I, the bolt action A03-06, and in the M1 Garand in WW II. You see, I talked to an Army sniper in WW11 who thought the M1 Garand was the best rifle ever invented. I hunted with this gentleman and saw him drop running deer at 100 yards. He was so good, before we even walk up to the deer he told me within a 1 inch of where the bullets hit the deer.

...The next weapon is the M14; this shoots a .308 caliber, the same as the M60 machine gun. The US Army uses this caliber for their sniping needs. FMJ's can be found for this weapon and it is a great one to have. The gun is semi-auto with clips for quick reloading.

...The next gun on my list, is a .22 rifle. I like the Ruger 10-22, a well-built repeater. With good ammo, the gun quite accurate. You can use it running traps and you can use it for light defense. A well placed .22 round, using solid points have killed bears, moose, and deer all over North America. Plus, with the TV on or sleeping most people can't hear the shot. It is a good small-game gun and you will find many uses for it. _Captain Daves
Here is more from M. D. Creekmore:
Below I’ll outline five arsenals covering a broad range of tasks, needs and budgets. If nothing else my suggestions should generate discourse.

I work at Wal-Mart Arsenal
1. Mosin Nagant 91 rifle
2. Single Shot .12 gauge
3. Smith&Wesson model 10

The Government Welfare Arsenal
1. Short Magazine Lee-Enfield
2. Mossberg Maverick 88 12 gauge pump
3. Smith&Wesson model 10
4. Ruger 10/22

I have a full-time Job Arsenal
1. Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle or AR-15
2. Mossberg 500 12 Gauge
3. Glock Model 19
4. Ruger 10/22

Two Jobs and Maxed Credit Card Arsenal
1. Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle or AR-15
2. Reminton 870 express with spare riot barrel
3. Glock 19
4. Ruger 10/22
5. Winchester Model 70 in .308 Win.
6. Taurus CIA Model 850 .38 SPL. Revolver

And Finally the Yuppie Survival Arsenal
1. L1A1 Rifle chambered in .308 Winchester
2. Remington Model 7 bolt-action chambered in .223
3. Winchester Model 70 in 308 Win.
4. Remington 870 express with spare riot gun barrel
5. Colt 1911 A1 .45 ACP
6. Taurus CIA Model 850 .38 SPL. Revolver
7. Savage Model 24F .223 Remington over 12 gauge (if you can find one used)
8. Ruger 10/22 _MD Creekmore
So there you go. An arsenal for every type of common man. As for the economically well-off, the sky is the limit. Guns are expensive, and the more expensive the gun, the more expensive the ammo.

Elections have consequences -- whether they were fairly fought or not. And this US election just past is likely to have a larger number of more interesting consequences than most US elections.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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Blogger neil craig said...

The debt and thus size of interest depends on the relationship between interest rates and growth.

If money is inflated away then debt repayment is not a problem. But equally if the economy were to be allowed to grow at 10% like China, or even 7% (world average excluding the EU & US) the debt would become easily payable.

With Obama electable the former is more likely but the higher growth could, obviously since the rest of the world is doing it, be done if the will were there.

Wednesday, 07 November, 2012  
Blogger Matt M said...

Bird shot, buckshot, slug.

That is the order you should load the shells into your shotgun.

Wednesday, 07 November, 2012  
Blogger SwampWoman said...

Our arsenal is pretty extensive. We don't have credit cards, though. A not insignificant portion of the population actually voted for Obama because they felt that was the best way to crash the leviathan that is the Federal government, and they could be right. I voted for trying to steer the Titanic around the iceberg.

Thursday, 08 November, 2012  

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