17 August 2012

Putin's Desire: To Lock These Petulant Pussies Where the Sun Don't Shine

Update: The Russian court has just sentenced the pussy riot to 2 years in a Russian prison.
A man in the courtroom shouted "Shame!" and hundreds of protesters outside the Moscow courthouse repeated that chant and whistled when news of the sentence came.

"They are in jail because it is Putin's personal revenge," opposition leader Alexei Navalny said in the courtroom. "This verdict was written by Vladimir Putin."

Their crime: Staging a 40 second anti-Putin "punk prayer" inside Moscow's Church of Christ the Savior. Their punishment: A likely minimum sentence of 3 2 years behind bars.
“There’s no true freedom of assembly in Russia, fines for protesting ‘illegally’ have just gone up exponentially, and Putin just passed a law that will enable Russian government to censor the Internet,” Lev said in an e-mail interview. “They want to make an example of Pussy Riot, which is why they didn’t care to give this trial even the faintest semblance of fairness.”

...if [Putin] backs down and lets them out, he’ll look like a loser, especially after a tremendous noisy international campaign,” Goldfarb said. “It’ll look like he’s defeated by the likes of Madonna and Björk, and that’s extremely humiliating — especially for a macho type like Putin.

“On the other hand, it’s extremely clear that if he sends them to prison, the protests will mount, the pressure will mount,” he said. _Wired
In the Soviet days, enemies of the state were sent to the Gulags, locked away in mental asylums, or summarily shot after providing a confession-under-duress. Under Putin, enemies of Putin are sent to prison, their assets stripped and appropriated by the inner circle.

For Putin, who has always styled himself as something of a "pussy magnet," being defied by a gentle pussy riot must be all the more galling.


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Blogger neil craig said...

If this had happened in any other country our media would bearely report it if at all. For example someone was recently imprisoned in Scotland for tweeting an obscene remark about the Catholic Church.

Whenever the media start promoting human rights in foreign countries it is a country they would like to bomb.

Sunday, 19 August, 2012  
Blogger kudzu bob said...

If Pussy Riot had pulled a similar stunt inside Israel's Holocaust Museum, they would get zero sympathy from the West.

Sunday, 19 August, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Right. If this had happened in Iran, the women would have been stoned to death and the media would never have even known about it, much less publicised it.

2 years in prison for a 40 second non-violent protest. We need to stop thinking of Russia as a civilised country. Then the media could completely ignore everything that happens in that disintegrating demographic.

Monday, 20 August, 2012  
Blogger kudzu bob said...

A country that tolerates the Westboro Baptist Church is arguably less civilized than one that does not tolerate Pussy Riot.

Wednesday, 22 August, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

KB: That comment comes dangerously close to being a hermetic non sequitur.

A few years in Russia might cure you of your blind spot. ;-)

Wednesday, 22 August, 2012  

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