24 August 2012

Obama Sells Guns; Lots of Guns

Americans have taken their gun rights seriously for centuries, since long before the United States was officially founded. But every now and then a particularly persuasive individual will come along and give Americans even greater incentive to value their right to keep and bear arms. President Barack Obama is one such individual.
When an incumbent president seeking a second term has already put two people on the nine-member Supreme Court who would vote away this basic human freedom [Second Amendment gun rights], they have the right to be fearful. And when you realize that, if reelected, that incumbent president would have a good chance of getting a few more Supreme Court picks, and so could reshape the high court for decades, people have a right to be motivated to buy firearms now. _Forbes
US gun sales jumped significantly after Obama's election in 2008. And now just the thought that Obama may get re-elected is spurring US gun sales even more.

As gun sales surged in early 2009 the going joke among employees of gun manufacturers was that President Barack Obama was the “greatest gun salesman of all time.” ...

...Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: SWHC) saw its fiscal year sales surge 20 percent in 2012. Many makers of handguns and “black guns” (what the Left calls “assault rifles” but the NSSF calls “modern sporting rifles”) also did very well. _Forbes

President Obama has not been a friend to the US Constitution, or its Bill of Rights. The Obama administration has seen the Constitution as more of an obstacle to power, rather than as the key to the US' traditional prosperity and history of opportunity.

Obama's anti-Second Amendment stance is just one example of his regime's conspicuous flouting of traditional Constitutional rights, and the attempt to re-shape the formerly dynamic new world US into a more rigid, top-down, static old world society.

The number of women gun owners in America has gone up from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent today. Also, the number of Democratic households with firearms in their homes skyrocketed from 30 percent in 2009 to 40 percent today.

What has been happening is that the NRA, the NSSF and other gun-rights groups have been busy fighting for Second Amendment rights, advocating for participation in the shooting sports, instructing people how to shoot and store firearms safely, working with police officers and the military and doing a myriad of other things. The NRA has also been lobbying, defending the Second Amendment in courtrooms all over the country and growing its membership. As a result, they’ve attracted more Americans to the shooting sports, made the shooting sports safer and helped more people learn to shoot and to defend themselves. _Forbes

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