08 June 2012

McAllen, Texas to Hold World Naked Bike Ride

Open-minded cyclists are invited to get as “bare as they dare” Saturday in McAllen for World Naked Bike Ride, an international event aiming to promote bicycle use and spotlight the roadway risks that cyclists face. _Monitor

The ride takes place once a year in countries including Australia, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Mexico and the United States. It encourages public bicycle use while promoting bicycle safety and encourages decreased dependency of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

And it emphasizes the right to express, or expose, a person’s opinions or body freely. Trujillo said there will be body decorating with paint before the ride.

“There’s a lot of giggles and laughs when it comes to nudity,” Trujillo said. But “there’s really a deep side, to change the way we use transportation. That’s what it’s fundamentally all about.”

...riders will gather at 6 p.m. Saturday at the International Museum of Art and Science at Nolana and Bicentennial. Any open-minded cyclists are welcome to attend, said Trujillo. Trujillo recommends that riders arrive clothed and have something to put their clothes in for the duration of the bike ride. _Monitor
[satire on]Nude cycling became much more popular with women after the invention of the battery powered vibrating bicycle seat. Al Fin has recently become a distributor for the patented devices, and representatives will be on hand in McAllen to provide the seats for sale or lease.

After the event, a beachfront barbecue will be held on the new Southern Ocean shoreline, created by the recent mysterious disappearance of Mexico. [satire off]

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Local law enforcement officials in McAllen are threatening to enforce any public decency statutes. But maybe just this once they will look the other way. Or, at least, say that they did.


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