19 May 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoon for the Cognitively Boosted

This video by Eric Schadt gives us a look at the incredible complexity of dynamic gene expression in humans, primarily in the brain. If you pay attention, you will begin to understand the challenge of understanding brain disease and intervening pharmacologically in brain gene expression.

Other videos from the same conference as this presentation was given. Videos at this symposium tend to be under 30 minutes in length.

Other videos from conferences on cognitive science that you may find interesting: 2011 MIT Brains, Minds, and Machines Several panel discussions, with many famous cognitive scientists participating, if you want to attach a face and voice to a cogsci author you may have read.

2006 IBM Almaden Conference on Cognitive Computing
You will find several classic and useful presentations in this group of videos.

2004 Columbia University Brain and Mind

H/T Brian Wang

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