03 April 2012

Europe's Trifecta of Doom: Debt, Demographic Decline, Energy Suicide

The ongoing economic crisis in Europe may have begun in Greece. But it will not end there. Eurozone unemployment is approaching a 15 year high, and the people of Spain appear eager to emulate the example of Greece.

None of the economic bandaids being offered are up to the job which seems to demand radical surgery. Europeans increasingly choose to riot, demanding that an economic faerie god mother grant them their entitlements, rather than to face the issues soberly. If governments give in to the rioters, the decline will only occur more quickly.

The underlying issues of energy suicide and demographic decline are not being addressed. If those problems are not solved, there is ultimately nothing that can be done to save the Eurozone or most individual Euro economies.

The misguided energy policies of the German government are representative of much that is wrong with Europe. Yes, European executives and functionaries will try to put the best face on things, but if manufacturers cannot operate due to designed high energy costs, and unemployment continues to skyrocket, a smiling face only reveals a refusal to do what must be done to prevent disaster.

And with low birthrates across Europe -- particularly southern and eastern Europe -- each generation of Europeans is smaller than the previous one, with less human capital and lower skill levels. Fighting back against the decline becomes more difficult as the numbers and skills levels decline.

Europe is not alone in its inability to save itself from slow motion collapse. Japan's debt and demographic problems are just as bad as those of southern and eastern Europe. The US under Obama has plunged into debt and energy suicide at a record rate. China is suffering from an increasingly dysfunctional economic infrastructure that threatens to squander all of its hard-won gains of the previous two decades.

Europe's doom is all the more poignant for having been entirely self-designed and well-intentioned. The lefty-Luddite green dieoff.orgy memosphere pervading European governments, universities, and populations, was meant to help save the Earth from too many people and too much consumption. If the end result of such memes was a demographic decline of ethnic Europeans and the intentional starvation of Europe's industries and economies of reliable and affordable energy, who could have known?

The social democracies of Europe and the public unions were meant to guarantee lifelong prosperity and health to Europe's people. If the end result of such good intentions was a hardening sense of dependency and entitlement, and a softening of the people's ability to adjust to adversity or threat, who could have known?

Europe is not a monolithic entity, of course. Parts of Europe may fall to the trifecta, while other parts may survive.

And certainly Europe is not the entirety of the civilised world. It is possible that other parts of the civilised world will learn the lessons of Europe, and pay closer attention to the need for abundant and affordable energy, fiscal discipline, economic opportunity, rule of law, and demographic replacement at equivalent levels of human capital.

Europe is changing quickly, particularly the cities of Europe. Eventually, the only way to know what Europe was once like in times of peace and prosperity, will be to take a virtual reality tour.


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Blogger Bruce Hall said...

Payback for socialism is a bitch. When everything is handed to you, you won't expend a lot of effort... having families, working, planning for the future....

Tuesday, 03 April, 2012  
Blogger J said...

Eventually, the only way to know what Europe was once like in times of peace and prosperity...

Eventually, yes. But just now Europe seems to be in peace and to me, in prosperity. They have plenty to eat and take long vacations. I still remember the poverty of Europe not so long ago. Taking a virtual reality tour of what really was the 20th Century should be instructive. The future will be better.

Tuesday, 03 April, 2012  
Blogger William Jhons said...

Not only Europe. I'm from USA and having same problems. Our economy is going downwards but we are still spending too much on others like Afghanistan, Pakistan and some other countries. I don't know why we are helping them. We should help our economy by these funds but we....God bless us. Yesterday, I had to buy household items but I had only $12 in my budget while price was $17 then my friend suggest me a coupon site http://www.couponrefund.com I got $5 off coupon from here and I shopped. We are living like this and helping million dollars to others. I can't understand. I'm helpless:(

Tuesday, 03 April, 2012  
Blogger neil craig said...

Perhaps it will not be the civilised world but the civilised solar system that learns the lessons. Governments' refusal to promote space development and instead take the money available because of public support to fund massive useless bureaucracies (NASA, ESA) means that space commercialisation, when it comes, will be done by free enterprise. Such a movement is unlikely to succumb to big government parasitism for centuries which will be more than long enough to create a solar civilisation.

Wednesday, 04 April, 2012  
Blogger Matt M said...

Forcing manufacturing out of a country that controls pollution into a country that does not is so much worse for the planet that you would think even the Greenies would get it. And mining in the 3rd world is awful. But - "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

Wednesday, 04 April, 2012  

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