23 April 2012

Can the World Be Saved from Obama's Vision of the Future?

In the mind of the apocalyptic, doom is a certainty, and nothing can be done to prevent it. But in the mind of a messianic apocalyptic, doom rests in the messiah's hands -- only he can prevent it.

There is nothing so useful for a would-be dictator and despot, than a huge threat such as the apocalypse. Obama has used the threat of carbon hysteria doom and other faux environmental dooms to enact sweeping new regulations of energy starvation and private sector suppression -- which will serve to depress the economic and social landscape of the US for decades into the future, unless Obama can be removed and his policies reversed.

The Obama Future
Apocalyptic thinking is commonplace and growing.
Flip through the cable channels for long enough, and you'll inevitably find the apocalypse. On Discovery or National Geographic or History you'll find shows like MegaDisasters, Doomsday Preppers, or The Last Days on Earth chronicling, in an hour of programming, dozens of ways the world might end: a gamma ray burst from a nearby star peeling away the Earth's ozone layer like an onion; a mega-volcano erupting and plunging our planet into a new ice age; the magnetic poles reversing. Turn to a news channel, and the headlines appear equally apocalyptic, declaring that the "UN Warns of Rapid Decay in Environment" or that "Humanity's Very Survival" is at risk. On another station, you'll find people arguing that the true apocalyptic threat to our way of life is not the impending collapse of ecosystems and biodiversity but the collapse of the dollar as the world's global currency. Change the channel again, and you'll see still others insisting that malarial mosquitoes, drunk on West Nile virus, are the looming specter of apocalypse darkening our nation's horizon.

How to make sense of it all? After all, not every scenario can be an apocalyptic threat to our way of life -- can it? For many, the tendency is to dismiss all the potential crises we are facing as overblown: perhaps cap and trade is just a smoke screen designed to earn Al Gore billions from his clean-energy investments; perhaps terrorism is just an excuse to increase the power and reach of the government. For others, the panoply of potential disasters becomes overwhelming, leading to a distorted and paranoid vision of reality and the threats facing our world -- as seen on shows like Doomsday Preppers. Will an epidemic wipe out humanity, or could a meteor destroy all life on earth? By the time you're done watching Armageddon Week on the History Channel, even a rapid reversal of the world's magnetic poles might seem terrifyingly likely and imminent.

...Nothing inspires fear like the end of the world, and ever since Y2K, the media's tendency toward overwrought speculation has been increasingly married to the rhetoric of apocalypse. Today, nearly any event can be explained through apocalyptic language, from birds falling out of the sky (the Birdocalypse?) to a major nor'easter (Snowmageddon!) to a double-dip recession (Barackalypse! Obamageddon!). Armageddon is here at last -- and your local news team is live on the scene! We've seen the equivalent of grade inflation (A for Apocalypse!) for every social, political, or ecological challenge before us, an escalating game of one-upmanship to gain the public's attention. Why worry about global warming and rising sea levels when the collapse of the housing bubble has already put your mortgage underwater? Why worry that increasing droughts will threaten the supply of drinking water in America's major cities when a far greater threat lies in the possibility of an Arab terrorist poisoning that drinking supply, resulting in millions of casualties?

...This over-reliance on the apocalyptic narrative causes us to fear the wrong things and to mistakenly equate potential future events with current and observable trends. How to discern the difference between so many apocalyptic options?... _Atlantic
The Atlantic article above -- in true apocalyptic fashion -- concludes by warning that no matter how many false prophets there may have been, who profited from inflaming your fears, you can be sure that Al Gore, James Hansen, and Michael Mann are the real deal. You can trust the carbon hysteric orthodoxers of the apocalypse -- they are not like all the others who got rich from crying wolf. Heh.

As for Obama's dreams of doom, and the advantage he hopes to gain from the crises: There is hope in the idea that a narcissist's malignant dream can be overturned by unanticipated change in the real world.
The peak oil apocalypse was dealt a severe blow by the huge global shale oil & gas boom. As economies from North America to China to South America to Europe to the Levant, begin to sort through the new riches of shale energy, it becomes clear that something quite opposite to doom is taking place.

Faux environmentalist greens, accompanied by self-interested goons such as Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, etc. will screech against the shale bonanza at the top of their lungs, but the bottom line is more compelling than phony environmentalist fear-mongerings of doom and apocalypse.

If we had listened to the harbingers of doom 40 years ago, we would have expected that all of us would be dead by now. Likewise, the fashionable doomers of the media, academia, and politics proclaim the same litany of doom -- but displaced several decades into the future. When all you have to do is to re-cycle already failed predictions, the work of promoting the apocalypse is not really that hard.

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Blogger Bruce Hall said...

The sun may be reversing its poles... we're all gonna die unless we vote for Obama and get his solar program fully funded!

Monday, 23 April, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, probably true.

I understand that Obama has close friends among certain alien races who can help us with that.

Monday, 23 April, 2012  

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