02 March 2012

A Day of Reckoning for the IPCC?

A Final Reckoning for the IPCC?

When even ultra-scrupulous Georgia Tech climatologist Judith Curry is wondering whether the IPCC has outlived its usefulness, you know that there is trouble in paradise. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been the seat of the climate alarmist orthodoxy, recipient of billions of dollars in grants, and the aspirant to becoming the clearinghouse for the distribution of trillions of dollars of redistribution funds -- if only they can get the suckers, er, people to trust them.
Clive Best

But how can you trust a group whose chief members are authors of the damnable ClimateGate emails? And besides that, their climate model projections stink to high heaven.
Scafetta vs. IPCC

We have looked at Duke University climatologist Nicola Scafetta's natural cycle model before. You can see it compared graphically above vs. IPCC models vs. observations. It is too early to tell how far reality will diverge from the IPCC, but things do not look good for the intergovernmental panel of alarmists.
Clear-headed climatologists have questioned the apparent upward bias of the IPCC projections for a number of years, but it often takes time for an apparent -- but false -- trend to veer away from real world observations. Particularly when the computer models are based upon numbers which have been "adjusted" by the same persons who have done the modeling. Not exactly an ideal situation in an unbiased scientific setting.

We are currently "in media res," or in the middle of the story. We are watching how things unfold, and trying to resist the carbon hysteria of the orthodoxy, and their incessant demands for more billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions, and more dollars.

Because, you see, we are not completely convinced that the gang of hysteric orthodoxers are being completely level with us. In fact, we are beginning to look at the IPCC as a gang of liars and thieves. If this goes on much longer, there may well be a day of reckoning for this gang. One they probably won't like.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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