18 February 2012

How Anyone Can Get a Score of 150 on an IQ Test

It is not easy to score 150 on an IQ test. Fewer than 0.1% of white North Americans are able to consistently score 150 or higher on a fair IQ test. For black North Americans, the number is under 0.001%, due to a group mean IQ that is 1 full standard deviation lower for blacks (85) vs. whites (100). [Interactive graph for one-tailed area under bell curve: standard deviation of 15]
But it is getting easier to get a score of 150 on an IQ test, even if you are black, and even on a timed, proctored exam. Some would call the approach I am describing a form of cheating, but you will have to decide that for yourself.
It is important that the test being taken is of the culture-free, progressive matrices type. Further, in order to get past security and proctor oversight, one must wear a cotton computer. Finally, the computer must be loaded with a new Swedish programme which is able to score 150 on culture-free progressive matrices IQ tests.
Researchers at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg in Göteborg, Sweden, have created a computer program that can score 150 on standard non-verbal IQ test questions.

...The remarkable factor is that the computer is not presented with selection options. Rather, it solves for the missing piece of the image based on logic and human psychology models alone. The same program, when optimized for number sequence problems, attains an IQ of at least 150, again without the assistance of selection options.

"Our programs are beating the conventional math programs because we are combining mathematics and psychology. Our method can potentially be used to identify patterns in any data with a psychological component, such as financial data. But it is not as good at finding patterns in more science-type data, such as weather data, since then the human psyche is not involved," says Strannegård.

Having developed an initial understanding of how people approach the solution of IQ test problems. Strannegård's group is now aiming at developing new IQ tests. Their goal is to extend the capability of the psychological solution module to include other psychological factors for problem solving as they are uncovered through comparison with results generated by a general population. _Gizmag
Later versions of the programme may be able to take a wider range of IQ tests, beyond the non-verbal progressive matrices.
It is easy to see why North Americans (and Europeans) of African origin might score lower than their non-black counterparts. Looking at countries of origin, average IQ scores in sub-Saharan Africa are exceptionally low -- in the 70s or lower.

As covert computer technology improves, anyone should be able to wear undetectable computers into a testing room, and ace virtually any test. Covert computers will likely be incorporated into clothing, tattoos, piercings, and subdermal implants. Eventually, computers are likely to be implanted near or beneath the skull, utilising brain-machine interfacing for a seamless mind to computer connection.

But the ultimate in IQ elevating technology is likely to come from genetics, as science learns more about the genetics of human cognition. Just as genetic treatments are being devised for a broad range of inherited diseases, so will gene treatments be developed for correcting heritable low IQ. Theoretically, such treatments should go a long way toward closing the IQ gap between groups.

Overview of IQ testing. Also provides fee-based online IQ test as well as a fee-based training program guaranteed to increase your IQ by at least 15 points.

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