03 December 2011

A Tale of Two Natural Planetary Cycles: Magnetic and Climatic

Geophysicists are pretty sure that the reason Earth has a magnetic field is because its solid iron core is surrounded by a fluid ocean of hot, liquid metal. This process can also be modeled with supercomputers. Ours is, without hyperbole, a dynamic planet. The flow of liquid iron in Earth's core creates electric currents, which in turn create the magnetic field. So while parts of Earth's outer core are too deep for scientists to measure directly, we can infer movement in the core by observing changes in the magnetic field. The magnetic north pole has been creeping northward – by more than 600 miles (1,100 km) – since the early 19th century, when explorers first located it precisely. It is moving faster now, actually, as scientists estimate the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century. _NASA
The intensity of the Earth's magnetic field has also been decreasing over the same time period.
Direct historical measurements of the intensity of the geomagnetic field have been possible ever since Gauss invented the magnetometer in the 1830’s. Since then the average intensity of the field at the Earth’s surface has decreased by about ten percent. And we know, from paleomagnetic records, that the intensity of the field does indeed decrease, by as much as ninety percent, at the Earth’s surface during a reversal. But those same paleomagnetic records also show that the field intensity has often exhibited significant variation, with both decreases and increases in intensity, without there always being a coincident reversal. So, an intensity low does not necessarily mean that a reversal is about to occur. _USGS

The average period between planetary magnetic field reversals is about 200,000 years. It has been about 800,000 years since the last field reversal. Many people feel that the recent movement of the magnetic north pole along with the weakening of the magnetic field represent a warning that the field is getting ready to reverse yet again -- as it has so many times in the geologic past.

Just as many people fear changes in the climate, a growing number of people have begun to fear that a change in the magnetic field polarity will lead to catastrophic consequences for the human population of Earth. Scientists have been quick to reassure the public that there is no reason for concern.
[A] doomsday hypothesis about a geomagnetic flip plays up fears about incoming solar activity. This suggestion mistakenly assumes that a pole reversal would momentarily leave Earth without the magnetic field that protects us from solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun. But, while Earth's magnetic field can indeed weaken and strengthen over time, there is no indication that it has ever disappeared completely. A weaker field would certainly lead to a small increase in solar radiation on Earth – as well as a beautiful display of aurora at lower latitudes -- but nothing deadly. Moreover, even with a weakened magnetic field, Earth's thick atmosphere also offers protection against the sun's incoming particles. _NASA
More from the University of North Carolina:
Should we be concerned?

Probably not. Although there was some initial concern, it is now thought that a magnetic field reversal would not be too dangerous for life on Earth, although it could well cause some inconvenience by disrupting navigation and satellites. Many different species use the magnetic field for navigation including bees, whales, pigeons, Emperor penguins, and albatrosses. However, it is thought that they would be able to adapt since a reversal would take many generations to complete.

The Earth’s magnetic field provides some protection for the ozone layer, but the latest thinking is that a minimal amount of additional radiation would reach the Earth’s surface except during exceptional solar flare events, after which the ozone layer might take two to three years to recover (*British Geological Survey). This is because Earth’s atmosphere can protect the planet’s surface from most incoming harmful radiation. Disruption of Earth’s magnetic field would also result in auroras being visible over much of the planet rather than just at the poles as they are now. _UNC Physics
So we see that scientists have come together to reassure us that even if we are witnessing the leadup to a planetary magnetic polarity reversal, we should not be concerned about it.

Contrast this global scientific reassurance about the magnetic cycle, with the earth-shaking level of hysteria which is centered in the carbon hysteria orthodoxy -- currently meeting in Durban, South Africa. According to the climate catastrophe orthodoxy, humans in the developed world must give up the use of their main means of power, heat, and transportation. Furthermore, while undergoing this hugely disruptive and unpredictable shift in a power and fuels infrastructure, the people of the developed nations must transfer many trillions of dollars to emerging and undeveloped nations so that they can shift to non-carbon energy infrastructures.

This massive transfer of resources is to take place under the auspices of the United Nations, an organisation known widely as the most corrupt institution on Earth.

Given that the carbon hysteria orthodoxy of special interest scientists is also affiliated with the United Nations, via the IPCC, it seems somewhat less than coincidental that the scientific message coming from this UN organisation is one of panic, rather than reassurance.

A tale of two natural planetary cycles. The potential hazard to humans from one cycle -- the magnetic cycle -- is being downplayed by scientists. The potential hazard to humans from the other cycle -- the climate cycle -- is being magnified to "stratosfearic" levels by scientists who also happen to be at the heart of a potentially massive shift in global wealth and power.

The ongoing release of insider emails known as ClimateGate is telling us things about the motivations and methods of the IPCC affiliated scientists which helps to explain why scientists might seek to reassure about the potential affects of a magnetic cycle, while they would exaggerate the potential affects of a climate cycle exponentially.

Both cycles are natural -- although natural phenomena can kill and disrupt just as surely as unnatural phenomena. The most likely reason why IPCC affiliated scientists have tried to portray climate phenomena as an "anthropogenic departure" from the natural climate cycle, is that there are monetary and social / professional rewards for doing so. The ClimateGate emails confirm that this is the case.

So what are we to do with a group of scientists which promotes an unproven hypothesis as "the undisputed truth," then refuses to test that hypothesis? What do we do with these pseudoscientific poseurs who testify before political and intergovernmental institutions and assert the truth of something which they refuse to test, and refuse to allow others to question in the ways of normal scientific exploration?

In some ways, it is far too late to discipline these miscreants of "science," since the phenomenon has grown so large so fast, and has long since escaped the confines of science into the world of politics -- where corruption sits and rules at the main table.

What is done at Durban has nothing to do with science or what can be proven scientifically. It has everything to do with governmental and intergovernmental corruption and graft.

So get ready. You are soon to have your almost empty pockets picked yet again. This time under a false flag of science.

Ongoing coverage of ClimateGate news is available from Tom Nelson...ClimateDepot...Watts Up With That...The Global Warming Policy Foundation...and the many websites that are linked by those sites.

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Blogger bruce said...

thanks, for the magnetic information.

I ave always thought the CAGW crowd* was driven by actual fear of the possible runaway heat. I realize now these people are simply anti man, the thought that we might be messing with Earth's atmosphere drives them nuts.
The fact that we may be improving things is not an issue, the issue is that man is doing something that can be seen.
Of course the main players are money grubbers before all else.

Saturday, 03 December, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

As more people are figuring out that the "runaway heat" scenario is relatively unlikely and implausible, they have a choice: Either they defect from the alarmist camp, or they come up with a different reason for remaining as alarmists.

The rate of defection from climate hysteria picked up after the ClimateGate 1 email release 2 years ago. It is likely that the rate will increase yet again, once the reality of ClimateGate 2 slowly diffuses through the global brain.

Most people are afraid to stray too far from the herd, however. As long as the media, government, and academia can maintain a quasi-unified voice of alarmism, the herd-thinkers are likely to continue chewing the cud of carbon hysteria.

Since the media, government, and academia are all funds-driven, these herd-drivers will do what the controlling funds tell them to do.

The world of the controlling funds is a lot like the world of quantum phenomena, in terms of the ease of explaining and describing how it works to ordinary people.

We will get into it eventually, because it is necessary.

Sunday, 04 December, 2011  
Blogger LarryD said...

The Earth has been through many magnetic reversals, and there is no correlation with extinction events.

And if you look at the paleoclimatic atmospheric reconstructions, CO2 has been way above Dr. Hanson's "tipping point" for hundreds of millions of years at a time.

Monday, 05 December, 2011  

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