11 December 2011

Is There Anything A Smart Phone Can't Do?

video h/t MJ Perry
The ultrasound app for smart phones allows you to act as your own diagnostician. It is very useful for diagnosing vascular blockages, abdominal cysts, and obstetrical conditions. Highly recommended by Al Fin ultrasonographers.

More uses for smart phones and pads, adapted from a posting at Al Fin the Next Level:

Hand held devices are commonly used for media play, reading, web search and email, telephoning, as cameras, for playing games, etc. But hand held electronics devices can provide a wide range of functions that are more serious. The oscilloscope device pictured above is a serious instrument, useful for both hobbyists and researchers.
Let me start out by stating that this [oscilloscope] doesn’t actually compare to the high-end models as far as sampling and bandwidth. You won’t use the iMSO-104 for extremely high-speed, GHz-frequency signal applications. Honestly, for home maker use, I don’t see this being an issue for a long time. Oscium provided a scope for my review and before it even arrived I thought of my list of features to look for and try out. So what were some of the things that I was looking for in using the scope? First, being based on an iOS device, I was looking for a simple and navigable interface. Check. The scope plots zoom just as you would expect with the common iOS finger pinches and spreads. The traces are easy to drag up and down as you would expect as are the measurement cursors. Measurement cursors! That was another item! In the video linked above, Collin shows how you can make measurements on an old CRT scope using the time per division and volts per division selection and visual cues. On some of the digital scopes I have used, you could bring up a cursor that would give you the time or voltage between the points. This scope includes those cursors and if you know what I am talking about it is just as easy to use and intuitive as you think. If you don’t: trust me, it is very intuitive.

The Oscium scope can also do all of those things you would expect from any scope: triggering, running measurements, the ability to freeze the display, screen shot, data capture, e-mail, and configuration saving. The unit supports a single analog probe and four digital probes, all included in the kit. You can run all five inputs at one time or select any combination to show. _Wired

Hand held iOS devices can also be used as scientific microscopes, EEG imaging devices, neurofeedback devices, and for a wide range of other instrumentation uses. iPads are even being used in hospital operating rooms to help surgeons to zero in on target lesions.

More unusual smartphone apps

Smart phones and pads are just beginning to be integrated into the everyday activities that humans pursue. The imagination is the limiting factor. Expect the market for imagination-expanding smart phone apps to begin heating up any minute now.


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