18 October 2011

More Homes that Protect Your Family from Zombies

Zombie-Proof Tower click on image for full size
The zombie-proof tower pictured above provides a number of zombie-proofing features. The design comes from a large array of entries into a Zombie Safe House Contest. There are quite a few other imaginative entries, so go take a look.
Zombie Powered Vertical Ranch
The vertical ranch in the image above is meant to be powered by zombies -- an inexhaustible energy source.
Zombie-Powered Vertical Ranch

Notice the large zombie-powered wheel connected to a vertical shaft, which powers all the functions of the ranch.
The ranch even includes an "escape in place" feature, which allows you to move your living quarters vertically away from impinging zombies.
Shuttered Austrian Home_via_Dezeen
This Austrian home is in the process of being zombie-proofed. Steel shutters over windows and doors provides an added level of security. Hot oil vats on the roof (not pictured) would allow for the deep-frying of any zombies who get too close to the house. And although ordinarily zombies do not feed on their own kind when other food is available, in the case of deep-fried zombies they frequently make an exception.

It is good to see that at least some designers are beginning to think of ways in which humans can get zombies to work for them. It is all a matter of understanding incentives -- and strengths and weaknesses. But never take a zombie for granted.

Be safe out there.

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This is awesome here is another one: http://www.doomsdaydwellings.com/1/post/2012/09/flood-house.html

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