06 October 2011

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat LENR Device Being Tested Now at U. Bologna

Update 1200 PDT 6Oct2011 from Peswiki:
The following was shared with us (over an hour ago) by one of our contacts.

"At 19:00, after 4 hours of continuous self-sustaining operation, the reaction has been interrupted as planned. This will allow some time for the E-Cat module to cool down. Afterwards, it will be disassembled and inspected. The end of the operations is planned for 00:00."

-- Nocompromises 12:00, 6 October 2011 (PDT)

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Daniele Passerini has posted some interesting updates on his Twitter page and blog. Please forgive the fact that this news is a couple hours old. He has reported that the E-Cat self sustained with zero input power, for over four hours! The E-Cat has been turned off, and will be allowed to cool. Then it will be taken apart and the inside of the device will be examined, and all the components will be weighed again (they were weighed before the test started).


-- Nocompromises 11:52, 6 October 2011 (PDT) _Peswiki
More information will be available after analysis of all the data from the test.

E-Catworld is providing several weblinks to today's test of Rossi's E-Cat at the University of Bologna.

Here is the link to Peswiki's real time updates of today's E-Cat test
- The E-Cat module will be taken apart (except for the reactor core) so the components can be measured and weighed.

- The test will last for 12 hours or longer.

- The E-Cat module will be allowed to operate in self sustain mode -- with no input power -- for an extended period of time.

- Better measurement and data acquisition techniques will be utilized. _Peswiki

Wired.co.uk article on "Cold Fusion" including prominent mention of Rossi's venture

Today's U. Bologna test of Rossi's E-Cat is claimed to be the most definitive testing yet. NASA scientists are said to be on hand [Ed.: This was taken from a comment on one of the cold fusion sites, so take with a grain of salt]. Regardless, expectations are high for either a thumbs up or thumbs down from reliable witnesses after all results are in.

The main question to be answered, is whether or not nuclear reactions are taking place in the E-Cat reactors, providing "excess heat" well over what simple chemical reactions could produce. If so, theoretical physicists have their work cut out explaining the nature of these reactions and future experiments which might be done to clarify the ultimate potential for the new science.

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Correction: The University of Bologna is denying that the university is connected with today's test in any way. Apparently the test is taking place in Bologna, but not at a university facility.


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