30 October 2011

Affordable Education for All: Who Are the Problem - Solvers?

In the real world, we have problem solvers and we have wankers. There are far more wankers than problem - solvers, and that is particularly true in politics, academia, the media, and wherever 3 or more people assemble. Here is one look at the higher education bubble and how the problem might be mitigated.
Affordable Education for All
Via: Online College Resource
While thousands of young and not-so-young wankers around the world camp out in protest of something or other, others have rolled up their sleeves and attempted to devise real world solutions to real world problems. Who is trying to solve the education bubble problem? Not US President Obama. A perennial campaigner and community organiser, Mr. Obama is too busy working out how to raise money for his next election. Let the army of wankers camp out in the snow, protesting their birth out of the womb of college into the real world of responsibility. Mr. Obama is above all of that.


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Blogger Whirlwind22 said...

Man Ivy league but they are so expensive. Tom Corbett doesent care about education in Pennsylvania my state, in fact he just cut $500 million from the education budget. He also wont tax the energy companies for the Marcellus shale drilling.

Sunday, 30 October, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The online education system really bring a good change in the whole education criteria through out the world.
A good move in giving a chance for the Theme Education For all.
Thanks for sharing the useful info .

Wednesday, 08 February, 2012  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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