02 August 2011

US College Girls: Were You Raped Without Your Knowledge?

According to a report commissioned by Obama's National Institute of Justice, 20% of US college girls have been raped at least once in their lives. And yet, if you were to ask almost all of the girls surveyed for the the report if they had been raped, they would tell you "no." Is it possible the US college girls are being raped without their knowledge?
Imagine that 20 percent of college women were victims of rape or attempted rape — a rate of sexual assault astronomically higher than anything seen in America’s most violent cities (in Detroit, for example, there were 36.8 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2009, a rate of 0.037 percent).

...The White House claims that one in five female students has been victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault while at college. Such bogus statistics have been the mainstay of campus-rape-epidemic propaganda for years. They are generated by a variety of clever techniques, but the most important is this: The survey-taker, rather than the female respondent, decides whether the latter has been raped or not. When you ask the girls directly whether they view themselves as victims of rape, the answer overwhelmingly comes in: No. _HeatherMacDonald
More on the government report claiming 1 in 5 college women were sexually assaulted:
...college women were asked about their sexual experiences, on campus and off, and the researchers—not the women themselves—decided whether they had been assaulted. The researchers employed an expansive definition of sexual assault that included "forced kissing" and even "attempted" forced kissing. The survey also asked subjects if they had sexual contact with someone when they were unable to give consent because they were drunk. A "yes" answer was automatically counted as a rape or assault. According to the authors, "an intoxicated person cannot legally consent to sexual contact."

Surely, reasonable people can disagree on that: If sexual intimacy under the influence of alcohol is by definition assault, then a significant percentage of sexual intercourse throughout the world and down the ages qualifies as crime.

The Justice Department stamped a disclaimer on every page of the survey report, advising that it is not a publication of the Justice Department and does not necessarily reflect its positions or policies. Ali [US Asst. Secretary of Education], however, treats it as an official government finding and ignores the controversies and ambiguities surrounding her "one in five" figure.

Deans at institutions including Yale, Stanford, and Brandeis Universities and the Universities of Georgia and of Oklahoma are already rushing to change their disciplinary procedures to meet the Education Department's decree. Now, on campuses throughout the country, we face the prospect of academic committees—armed with vague definitions of sexual assault, low standards of proof, and official sanction for the notion that sex under the influence is, ipso facto assault or rape—deciding the fate of students accused of a serious crime. _AEI

So what we have is a govenment-sponsored hoax on a grand scale, being perpetrated by the US Department of Education, and being used as a pretense to bring about the pall of an inquisitional witch hunt over university campuses across the US. If universities do not adopt the new quasi-fascist rules of judicial process being promoted by the US Department of Education, they risk losing all their federal funding.

Is this truly the kind of government that Americans want to pay for -- to go bankrupt for? Not very likely. What can they do about it? Not much, as long as Obama and his cronies are in charge.

If you plan to send your son to a large university, keep in mind the risk you are taking by sending him into this atmosphere of sexual inquisition and administrative injustice.

More regarding Assistant Secretary of Education Ali's brave new crusade against campus sex crime:
"We will use all of the tools at our disposal including ... withholding federal funds ... to ensure that women are free from sexual violence," Ali told NPR last year. One such tool is the standard of proof that college disciplinary committees use when determining guilt. Many colleges employ a "beyond a reasonable doubt" or a "clear and convincing" standard. (Roughly speaking, "beyond a reasonable doubt" requires a 98-percent certainty of guilt; clear and convincing, an 80-percent certainty.) Ali, however, orders all colleges to adopt the far-less-demanding standard of "preponderance of the evidence." Using that standard, a defendant can be found guilty if members of a disciplinary committee believe there is slightly more than a 50/50 chance that he committed the crime. That standard will make it far easier for disciplinary committees to try, convict, and punish an accused student (almost always a male).

Marching under the banner of Title IX and freed of high standards of proof, campus disciplinary committees, once relatively weak and feckless, will be transformed into powerful instruments of gender justice. At least, that is the fantasy. But here is the reality: Campus disciplinary committees—often a casual mix of professors, students, and an assistant dean or two—are well suited to resolving cases involving purported plagiarism and cheating, and violations of college rules on drugs and alcohol. But no one considers them prepared to adjudicate murder, arson, or kidnapping cases, or criminal assault. They lack the training and the resources to investigate and adjudicate felonies. So why are they expected to determine guilt or innocence in cases of rape? _AEI

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Blogger kurt9 said...

The is reason #756 to not have kids at all.

Tuesday, 02 August, 2011  
Blogger Bruce Hall said...


Tuesday, 02 August, 2011  
Blogger Cheryl Pass said...

Using the force of taxes making citizens pay for propaganda is becoming the trademark of the progressive left. Obama and his cronies are just the latest crop and they have been trained extensively in this stock and trade. Our government is full of them now..like termites who multiplied a million times over after he took office.
The hostage taking by Federal policies using funding as leverage / ransom / bribes is not just pervasive, but the new normal. The analogy of "Obama's Chicago mob tactics" is the true definition of his administration. Sadly, too many are too willing to take the bribes. Universities, cities, counties, churches, NGO's, many professions, etc. are all jumping in for the take. For some reason, none of these institutions are telling the federal government to take the bribe money and stuff it where the sun don't shine...so to speak. So here we are...and how do we get off this merry-go-round...

Wednesday, 03 August, 2011  
Blogger Ugh said...

This is not without precedent... You nay recall the story of the man who set himself on fire in a New Hampshire town. His was protest against what the laws have done to families and estranged/divorced fathers. In his "final" letter he cites with great detail what has happen statistically to families of divorce separation and alleged domestic violence.

Specifically he cited a study that was done by the Minneapolis Police where men accused of domestic violence (of any kind) were arrested and if the woman/wife didn't press charges she would be arrested for child endangerment if children were present. Once this study was published - concluding that repeat domestic violence was reduced - it became policy in many jurisdictions across the country, including this New Hampshire town.

Strangely the study's author completely advised against these policies because of the havoc it caused in every family it touched. In short these policies destroy families and nearly always plunges Mom, Dad and the children into poverty.

These studies are being abused by zealots - plain and simple.

Wednesday, 03 August, 2011  
Blogger Wild Bill said...

This is funny, I am currently stationed with the Army in Kuwait. This sounds so familar, there is a huge campaign on to stop sexual assaults in Theater. If you believed all the stats from command you would think that every woman over here was raped or assulted. Yeah right.

Wednesday, 03 August, 2011  

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