15 August 2011

Prepare A Year's Worth of Bisin Sandwiches in One Weekend!


Yes, it's true! This weekend, you can shop for next year's bisin sandwich ingredients on Saturday, then prepare all of next year's sandwiches on Sunday. And no, bisin is not misspelled. Bisin is a natural chemical preservative that can keep food preserved for years, without refrigeration! Here's more:
No time to make a packed lunch before work? Soon you could make it a year in advance.

Scientists have discovered a natural preservative which could spell the end of rotting food.
They have pinpointed the substance which destroys the bacteria that make meat, fish, eggs and dairy products decompose.

...The preservative, called bisin, could extend the food’s life for several years – and even work for opened bottles of wine and salad dressing.

The discovery is set to revolutionise the way we shop and reduce the 20million tonnes of food waste thrown out in the UK every year.

Bisin occurs naturally in some types of harmless bacteria. It prevents the growth of lethal bacteria including E-coli, salmonella and listeria.

...The substance could extend the life of a variety of everyday foods which have strict use-by dates including seafood, cheese and canned goods.

In some cases these foods could last for years and may not even need to be kept in the fridge, the researchers at the University of Minnesota claim.

The scientists, who have patented the substance, are already in talks with food manufacturers. The first products containing bisin are expected to be on the market within three years. _DailyMail
Even if your child is too young for school, you could make an entire year's lunch sandwiches for her years in advance. Imagine the time you can save through economies of scale!

Bisin may be bad news for refrigerator manufacturers and dumpster divers, but it is great news for moms everywhere. Preppers should also take note.

H/T Impact Lab


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Blogger Leon Caruthers said...

Pretty sure things like this are how we get to a zombie apocalypse.

On a more serious note, we as humans co-evolved with all the things that decompose our food, and our bodies are built to handle, anticipate, and even use many of the pathogenic organisms that we currently eat as part of a normal meal. Using this on food might actually cause nutrient deficiencies.

Tuesday, 16 August, 2011  

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