08 August 2011

London Celebrates the Joy of Multiculturalism

More: Multicultural celebrations spread throughout London as well as Birmingham as festivities extend into their third day

Extensive photographic coverage and more
Holiday Atmosphere at Multicultural London Festivities

A multicultural society must open its heart to the diversity of celebratory behaviours and fun-seeking activities which different cultures tend to embrace. London exemplifies this appreciation of multiculturalism, as it continues to experience impromptu celebrations of diversity spreading out from Tottenham to other parts of the city. In this new age of ubiquitous social media, celebrations are apt to expand rapidly.

The UK is not the only modern developed nation which has whole-heartedly embraced multiculturalism, of course. We should expect the same type of joyous celebration, pictured above, to spread almost everywhere that multiculturalism has found a home.

Blogger Dennis Mangan has followed the festivities in London, and similar recent celebrations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There truly is no way to escape these happy festivals if one lives in the heart of a multicultural zone -- and in today's modern world, who doesn't? The best response is to go with the current and let your inner multiculturalist emerge. In today's political climate, resistance is futile.

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival, the end of this month. Celebrate multiculturalism. We are all Londoners now.

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Blogger neil craig said...

Good post. One of these you have to laugh or you'll cry times.

Tuesday, 09 August, 2011  
Blogger M said...

In fairness, I don't see these riots as reflective of multiculturalism. I am not aware of any Chinese of Indian people out destroying the city. This is the result of importing large numbers of low skill people from a high risk population (Caribbean).

Tuesday, 09 August, 2011  

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