22 July 2011

World Doomed by Demographic Decline and Economic Collapse?

Bulgaria's population shrank by 7 percent over the past decade while the number of people over 65 grew, census results showed on Thursday, a trend that will put pressure on its already outdated pension and health systems.

Population decline is a problem across former-communist central and eastern Europe, particularly in Russia, where a demographic crisis could slow growth and hurt its bid to compete with China and India. _Reuters
What is true for central and eastern Europe is also true for southern Europe, and increasingly for Europe as a whole.
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Is Southern Europe a preview of coming attractions for the rest of the developed world? Can the modern world survive in the face of its ongoing demographic collapse? The problem is unprecedented in modern times. We do not know if modern technology will present a solution to the "perfect storm of dissolution" of the modern world. Russia is one of the nations most threatened by demographic collapse, and is beginning to require health warnings on all advertisements for abortions.

Russia understands that its very future as a nation is threatened by the inability of its core population to reproduce itself. And slowly but surely, the rest of Europe is beginning to comprehend that it is in the same demographic (and consequently, economic) boat as Russia.
The opportunism of political correctness prevents the Union from tackling the problem of demographic collapse head-on, since the current concept of human rights advocates behaviour oriented in the opposite direction. _presseurop
The US first recognised a modern baby bust and some of its economic consequences back in the 1980s. The "global baby bust" was recognised in the early 2000s by Phillip Longman. Awareness of the concentration of the baby bust within university educated, leftist oriented populations has grown recently, leading to a sense of urgency within leftist political circles to encourage the immigration (both legal and illegal) of larger numbers of fertile, uneducated, government-dependent populations from southern nations.

In Europe, such leftist-instigated attempts to transform the core populations of European nations via immigration is being met by a nativist backlash of sorts. Most native Europeans prefer Europe the way it is, and do not want to see it tranformed into a third-world hellhole. Unfortunately, their leaders -- for the most part -- are thinking only about political power, and not about the future of Europe.

As advanced nations see their core populations shrink only to be replaced by immigrant populations with less aptitude, on average, to deal with a high technology infrastructure, their economies will go the way of Greece's. Crime rates will explode, opportunities for advancement and growth will evaporate. This is the destiny that the demographic collapse of a high achieving civilisation leads to.

It will not happen all at once, across the modern world. There will be time for surviving regions to react to conserve their core civilisation. But will political correctness allow this to occur? Sweden is as good as lost, but what about Finland?

The answer will be different for various countries and regions of countries. What will you do?


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