08 July 2011

Why the Obama / Gore Carbon Hysteria Orthodoxy Is Wrong

A short 9 minute video based on the scientific findings of climatologist Roy Spencer, explaining why the IPCC climate orthodoxy and associated media / political carbon hysteria is turning out to be wrong. More at WUWT
According to the Greenland ice core charted above, temperatures were warmer 1,000 years ago, and warmer yet 2,000, then 3,000 years ago etc. CO2 levels have also been significantly higher in the past, particularly during some of the Earth's most prolific evolutionary eras.
It has been profitable for scientists and faux environmentalists to jump on the climate alarmist bandwagon. It was easy to fool the politicians, academics, and government funding agency bureaucrats -- and particularly easy to fool "science journalists" -- causing them all to panic.

Thanks to Obama administration suppression of coal, offshore oil & gas, nuclear power, and opposition to expanded use of Canadian oil sands, the US almost toppled into a state of energy starvation -- saved only by the fortuitous rise of the shale oil & gas industry. And the Obama administration is even trying to shut down shale fracking, behind the scenes! How stupid is that?

Healthy economies need energy. Lots of energy. When a US president bases his energy policy on a pseudoscientific theory of carbon hysteria, the entire nation suffers.

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Blogger neil craig said...

It is only easy to fool politicians and hournalists when they want to be "fooled". See the "Syrian lesvian democrat" hoaxand imagine how difficuklt it would be to get them to believe a hoax about, say, a Hewish democratic refugees driven from NATO occupied Kosovo*.

Vatastrophic warming is not a hoax perpetrated by scientists it is fraud perpetrated by politicians who have heavily paid a very small number of faux "climate scientists" as front men. The only fault of the svientific community & it is a major one, is to have chosen the easier path of silence.

*The example is true. The entire Jewish community of 1,500 was driven from Kosovo by NATO police (formerly our openly genocidal NATO armed KLA allies) and the entire western media censored any mention of it.

Friday, 08 July, 2011  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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