02 March 2011

Dead Dog Resurrected in Oklahoma -- Dog Messiah?

Daily News

On what could become known as "Easter Sunday" for dogs, young canine "Wall-E" returned from the dead at a shelter for homeless dogs in Oklahoma. The pup was given a lethal dose of medication and left for dead in a bin, along with four siblings. But only Wall-E rose from the dead the next day -- a Sunday. Hundreds of humans are vying for the opportunity to own Wall-E, rather than to allow the puppy to be put to death a second time. Even for a dog, dying once in Oklahoma should be quite sufficient.
The black-and-white pooch was one of five young dogs put to sleep Saturday at a shelter in Sulphur, Okla., News 9 in Oklahoma City reported. Each dog was checked and confirmed to be dead, then the 3-month-old and his four siblings were placed in a trash bin.

On Sunday morning, an animal control officer looked into the bin and discovered that the one pup somehow survived.

"He was just as healthy as could be," Scott Prall told News 9.

..."He is a delightful Pup, about 3 months old, is surprisingly healthy except for a heavy infestation of Hookworm for which he is undergoing treatment," Marcia Machtiger wrote in a special website she created for the animal.

She stresses that if a home for Wall-E isn't found soon, he could wind up back at the shelter -- where he very well might end up being euthanized again.

However, Kloski writes that "hundreds" of families already have volunteered to give Wall-E a place to live. _DailyNews
Wall-E is more than just a celebrity canine. He has become a religious symbol for both homeless and mistreated dogs everywhere. "Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine . . ."

Humans had best listen.


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