13 January 2011

Vitriolic Language from Left Meant to Instigate Civil War?

It is difficult to understand the deluge of vitriol and hatred pouring out of US leftist media outlets, lefty blogs, and US Democratic Party politicians following the tragic killings and woundings which occurred in Tucson last week. Much of the outrageous language appears geared to trigger a stereotypical rage in the reader. It is as if these "leaders" and "journalists" want to instigate the very type of violence which they are pretending to decry.

During the George W. Bush presidency journalists, celebrities, opposition politicians, bloggers, and leftists of all stripes used incendiary language in discussing the idea that the president or vice president might (hopefully in their minds) be assassinated. Many of the very same "indignant leftists" who are opportunistically raising the threat of violence, were busy joking and talking about the possible assassinations of Bush and Cheney. The American left is a sick and putric cesspool of hatred, and has been for decades now.

In a sensitive and incisively worded video, Sarah Palin responds to the cynical and engineered outcry from the left. Predictably, the leftists -- caught in their contemptible misbehaviour and abuse of public trust -- are reacting to the video with howls of stiffly postured indignation.

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

Palin's use of the term "blood libel" has proven particularly controversial, although it is quite understated in the way it was used in the video. Indeed, considering how Palin herself has been treated by the left, her tone on the video and elsewhere in public and professional life has been quite temperate.

Leftists have been poised for any possible incident which they could use for purposes of stirring up their lunatic fringe. Unfortunately, they jumped the gun on the Tucson tragedy, before any facts were in. And now they are committed to following it through to the bitter end.

Palin's video appears to be professionally produced, and was released in a very timely manner -- just before President Obama's trip to Tucson. The former governor's incisive video, along with the term "blood libel", appears to have forced the unhinged echo chorus on the left to "double down" on their public idiocy.

We can only hope that the Tucson wounded will recover as fully as possible, and that the family and friends of those who died will somehow find a positive meaning in their loss.

But on the political front, the insanity from the left appears to be deepening and broadening in a most astounding and sickening manner.

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Blogger Cheryl Pass said...

Al Fin...
Thanks for this post. I also thought Sarah Palin's video was very eloquent and timely. I am glad she stepped up to define the truth that the criminal alone is responsible for the crime. The leftists have predictably been doing this blame game every time there is some incident or accident for years now. It's getting very trite and I can only hope most Americans are finally able to see through it, especially in this instance where it was so ludicrous.

I can just hear Ronald Reagan's line, "Well, there you go again." Next time we should all start laughing at them. Libel is not funny, however.

Thursday, 13 January, 2011  
Blogger mopc said...

So Al Fin is officially on the batshit creationist band waggon, all that "science" talk is bull, you are just enablers of the "coming Idiocracy" you pretend to denounce.

Thursday, 13 January, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

Cheryl: Leftist pundits made an incredible blunder by fallaciously connecting right-wing personalities and the Tea Party movement to a situation where there was clearly no connectin. That type of irrationality is commonplace within the regressive-progressive movement, but it plays out very badly in public.

Mauricio: You were clearly off-balance when you wrote your comment. Would you like to try again, or do you think that is the best that you can do?

Thursday, 13 January, 2011  

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