14 January 2011

500 ft Personal Seastead: "Streets of Monaco" for US$ 1 Billion


On the top deck you will notice replicas of the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse, and Loews Hotel, as well as a fully functional go-kart miniature Monaco Grand Prix track.
Other extravagant bells and whistles include multiple swimming pools, a swim-in Jacuzzi bar, a multi-use court for tennis and basketball, a ‘dance hall’, a spa with a hair salon, and enough space to accommodate 16 guests and 70 staff. And don’t forget the submarine and helipad. _Forbes

"The Streets of Monaco" does not appear to be designed for the open seas. Of course, if she is fast enough, she can stay out of the way of the larger storms using state of the art communications.

The yacht may never be built, but every time large and unconventional boat designs are engineered, there is the potential for innovation -- which can then be borrowed for use in more practical seasteads. This yacht is designed to accomodate roughly 85 people (guests plus crew). As a working seastead, similar sized boats could accomodate many more in reasonable comfort -- as long as luxury is not required.

The true breakthroughs in seastead engineering for deepwater living are likely to come from the oil & gas industry, as marine and petroleum engineers look to deeper and deeper waters for new energy jackpots.


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