11 December 2010

Coming World Worse than Peak Oil, Climate Doom Hysterias?

Photo: Sean Heavey

The economic collapse that seems to be falling across most of the western world will make peak oil moot, and reveal carbon hysterics as persons disassociated from reality who have nothing important to do. The US government and the governments of most of Europe have compounded disastrous trends in debt and demography by adding a lethal layer of dysfunctional immigration. There's a storm a comin'.

When the US most needed good economic leadership, Bush and Obama let the US down.

$1.7 trillion in US home value goes up in a puff of smoke in 2010 -- continuing through 2011

Monster US deficit in November 2010, US on track to have another $1 trillion dollar deficit year

US Companies and Banks running scared. Fears over uncertainty in Obama's America leading private decision makers to hold onto cash.

Tax revenues for US governments at all levels continue downward, just as public sector union pay, benefits, and retirement shoot sky high. Layoffs of essential personnel inevitable.

Public employees -- The New Aristocracy (Video)

The tracks leading to the likely economic troubles were laid from 1900 through 1980. They have been well greased ever since, by the real government -- the bureaucracy and regulatory massif. The legal-political-industrial-criminal complex will make sure the demolition job on the economy is carried out, with no backtracking by busybody Tea Party types.


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Blogger DB said...

Related post on the real reason why the leftists and greenies want to "slash emissions" (but only for us):


Wednesday, 15 December, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...


The dieoff promoters are a sleazy bunch.

Tuesday, 21 December, 2010  

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