17 August 2010

Singularity Dreams, Reality's Idiocratic Nightmare


Brian Wang was busy liveblogging the Singularity Summit this past weekend in San Francisco. Here is a short excerpt from Brian's weekend work:
The best of the 2010Singularity Summit

Shane legg has developed a formula and program that generates a continuous intelligence measurement for rating algorithms and systems This has the potential to more objectively guide the improvement of AI and algorithms.

Goertzel is using AI techniques to figure out useful things about the Genescient long lived flies.

Lance Becker on using cold and chemical cocktails to enable you to survive having no oxygen to your brain for hours instead of four minutes

The talk was not good but the work has big potential. Anita Goel is harnessing DNA polymerase in devices for rapid sequencing and as actuators.

The interesting inventions of Steve mann.

Details on brain computer interfaces

Combining neuroscience and machine learning as a hybrid approach to AGI 
The rest of the coverage is available at the link above.

The amount of mental effort devoted to laying the groundwork for "The Singularity" is impressive, and not likely to have been wasted in the long run. Yet it can be somewhat depressing to contrast such astounding plans and dreams for the future with the sad economic, societal, and political realities of an encroaching Idiocracy of perverse "leadership" around the world.

From the university to the economy to the moral and political leadership of society -- the dregs and the offal have emerged to convene the prelude to the Idiocracy.

Many eyes are looking to dreams of the singularity in hopes of finding salvation from the entropic reality on almost every front. We will learn over the next decade or two how effective a well planned and executed future can be as an antidote to popular ideological poisons that have penetrated to the heart and soul of a corrupt society.

Wise persons will prepare for the possibility of extreme hardship between now and then.

More: Is it possible that the west has laid the groundwork of a marvelous future only to see other emerging cultures build the final structures?

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Blogger gtg723y said...

What we call corruption and immorality is the internal fight between our cerebellum or reptile survival brain and our frontal lobes. Because the development of the frontal lobe is the most recent in a long and distinguished line of additions one must assume that the higher function and morality of the frontal lobes provides an advantage over those without it. Perhaps it is the reason humans are able to cooperate so much more.

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

Cooperation is based on trust. If criminals find their way into leadership positions in society and loot the commonwealth -- destroying the private sector in the process -- cooperation can break down between various sectors and institutions.

All of that can take place at the same time that amazing technological progress is being made. Which makes the dynamics of the situation even more interesting.

Monday, 23 August, 2010  

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