10 July 2010

Kent Wells Update on New Sealing Cap and Helix Producer

Operations by deepwater ROVs to replace the LMRP sealing cap are underway at the Macondo well head. BP Vice President Kent Wells has provided a technical update dealing with both the new sealing cap, and the impending addition of the vessel Helix Producer to the oil containment effort. Within one week, BP should increase its containment capacity to between 60 and 80 thousand barrels per day.
Installing the sealing cap involves a multiple stage process with several vessels and remotely operated vehicles over an approximate 4-7 day period. The sealing cap has the potential to increase oil and gas collection capacity and should improve collection efficiency during hurricane season by allowing shorter disconnect and reconnect times. The new cap assembly should have a positive impact on future well kill and cementing procedures that will be part of the relief well operations. In addition, the new cap should enable testing of well integrity and, depending on pressure measurements, may be used to shut in the well. _BP

Kent Wells tech update on sealing cap (video)
Animation of sealing cap installation w/ Kent Wells
PDF slides for Kent Wells media briefing PDF

Be sure to watch this animation to see how everything fits together

Meanwhile, the two relief wells continue to be drilled and electromagnetically "ranged" to rendezvous precisely with the Macondo well bore, for definitive "killing" of the gushing well. Killing operations by the first relief well could begin as early as 7 days from now.

More from Brian Wang

Here is a link to multiple simultaneous live feeds of ROV activity involved in oil spill containment operations


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