15 June 2010

Escaping the Apocalypse In Style

When everything falls apart at once, you do not have time to transfer from one type of escape vehicle to another. You need a vehicle that can move quickly out of the danger zone, and covertly past those who might want to appropriate your assets, or do you personal harm.
The U-010 Undersea Yacht is designed to travel submerged or on the surface, depending upon the needs of the moment. Surface travel is by diesel. Simple controls allow you to switch to electric power for undersea movement.
Luxurious fittings allow you to forget that the world is falling apart around you. Just pack plenty of provisions and fuel so that you can get where you are going.

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Via Impactlab

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Blogger George said...

We are preppers. We have enough of everything for, wait I'm not going to tell you how long.

When I first read this I thought of Water World, that Kevin Costner movie.

All I can say is everything you store or save is finite.

When bad things happen at some point your stores will run out and you will have to live like a native American or a cave man.

Tuesday, 15 June, 2010  

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