16 May 2010

Brian Wang Premiers First Carnival of Nuclear Energy

Brian Wang's NextBigFuture blog is hosting the first edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Energy. Here is one entry -- a highly informative Rod Adams -- John Horgan dialogue (63 minutes), which looks at the relationship between nuclear weapons and civilian nuclear power.

From Nuclear Fissionary via NextBigFuture

Brian features 14 entries in all, dealing with fission, fusion, nuclear produced process heat for industry, nuclear terrorism issues, some global plans for new nuclear plants, and the above video dialogue between (pro-nuke) Rod Adams and (anti-nuke) John Horgan.

Brian's new carnival is a timely addition to the blog carnival scene. There is a good deal of nuclear expertise available online via various blogs and websites. A nuclear energy carnival will increase the exposure of notable blog articles and inform general readers about important nuclear issues as they come up -- and provide a general education to nuclear energy topics.

Be sure to check out the first Carnival of Nuclear Energy

First published at Al Fin Energy

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