25 April 2010

Obama Behind the Looking Glass


Americans are living in surreal times, when what their president says he will do, and what is actually accomplished, are mirror image opposites of one another. A suggestion that Mr. Obama has a credibility crisis would be a masterstroke of understatement. It is easy to admire Mr. Obama's words on healthcare, the space program, financial reform, and economic recovery, but the whiplash experience of living through the reality of Mr. Obama's actions can lead to disillusion.

Mr. Obama's apologists in the news media are in freefall credibility collapse along with the president. From Joe Klein, to Marc Ambinder, to Brad DeLong, Mr. Obama's defenders would be more credible if they would begin to pay more public attention to the disconnect between Obama's public declarations and the real-world results of the actions of the Obama - Pelosi regime.

The debt crisis that Obama - Pelosi is accelerating, is driving more and more ordinary, non-political Americans to the conclusion that the US government is becoming public enemy number one. Whether Obama - Pelosi has already achieved that status, or whether it needs to pass a few more sweeping and dis-equilibrating reforms first, it is well on the way.

Mr. Obama wishes to emulate the social democracies of Europe, in his own superficial and undiscerning way. But he has chosen a Europe that is in accelerating decline, to emulate. With Europe's ongoing demographic catastrophe, the leaders of Europe have few good choices left -- other than to discard political correctness and return to policies that benefit their own nations and peoples. America's leaders still have good choices they could be making, if they would look to reality rather than the looking-glass.

It is easy for an incompetent government to destroy what should have been a prosperous and expanding economy and society. Look at Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Vladimir Putin . . . Obama - Pelosi appears to wish to join that list of monumental failures, judging by its actions (not its words).

Can the climactic failure that O - P is bringing on be stopped? The building avalanche of failure has some powerful backers -- including much of Wall Street, the news and popular media, the powerful "Environmental" Lobby, most of Academia, and powerful labour unions and tax-supported leftist activist organisations. The momentum to failure is virtually unstoppable, regardless of 2010 and 2012 election results. But whether or not the suicide can be stopped, there are few good reasons not to try.

The first step, is facing the truth. If one cannot do that, one may as well be a zombie, an automaton. If you voted for the crusade to failure, it is time to dispassionately observe how the grand expectations are turning bad. Step away from your emotional compulsion of the moment and let the clear logic of reality play itself out over the next few years.

When US debt achieves 90% of US GDP -- in just a relatively few years if Obama - Pelosi has its way, any good choices you may have had will have evaporated. And the mechanisms of government will have become so perverse, so self-defeating to any worthwhile goal, that government will become the enemy rather than the means to reverse bad decisions of the recent past.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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