26 April 2010

A Modern Imperative: Learning to Do More, With Less

In a prolonged recession, it sometimes becomes necessary to learn to do more with less. That's why it is good to know several uses for common, cheap, household items such as vinegar, bleach, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, and vaseline. The few links below were located within a few seconds of easy search. Imagine what a few minutes of intense concentration might yield.

Here are 1001 uses for white distilled vinegar. Some of them might get you out of embarrassing situations, or help you get over an ailment when no doctor can be found.

12 extraordinary uses for bleach. Mostly having to do with sanitation, of course. Here's an extra: 5 drops of liquid bleach in 1/2 gallon water can keep stored water potable long term.

13 ways to use rubbing alcohol. Apparently insects do not like rubbing alcohol.

75 extraordinary uses for baking soda -- not all of them for cooking! It can even help clean your stuck drains!

60 uses for table salt. A mixture of salt and baking soda in your Neti Pot can help tremendously in cold and allergy seasons.

30 uses for Vaseline petroleum jelly. The one about getting bubble gum out of your child's hair was a new one for me.

Becoming an expert in the use of cheap, common household products could make you the hero of the hour -- more than once. I won't tell you that such knowledge will save your life someday, but in some circumstances it might.

They call it being resourceful, or being broadly competent, or just being prepared. The best time to learn these simple things is childhood, of course. But who had parent willing to teach them these things? Not many.

Try being your own parent now.

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Blogger Pastorius said...

There's an ad running sound on your website, and it is tremendously irritating.

Monday, 26 April, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

No, that is the sound from a video clip of a new approach to geothermal drilling. It only runs for about a minute, then stops.

I'll see if I can alter the code to make it wait for permission before it plays.

Tuesday, 27 April, 2010  

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