03 April 2010

A Climate Reckoning: Dusting Off the Guillotines

In Paris, indignant climatologists are dusting off the guillotine for geochemist Claude Allegre, author of the book L'imposture climatique (The Climate Fraud). In fear of losing their funding and their jobs, French climatologists are out to behead anyone who publicly criticises the quality of their work, or the validity of their claims.

In the UK, the House of Commons Committee of Science and Technology has recently given Phil Jones the green light to get back to "hiding the decline" of global temperatures. Some people are calling the parliamentary committee's actions a "whitewash", and others feel that some committee members may have been tricked into clearing the climate rascals of UEA's CRU of all wrongdoing.

Here at the Al Fin Syndicate, we only want to be sure that a proper record is kept of all of these goings-on. We know that high-ranking members of government and other large institutions almost always act in their own interest -- even at the expense of the interests of their constituencies.

Here is a good illustration: Despite all the public attention received by ClimateGate and associated IPCC follies, the keepers of the gate of climate publications are still obstructing the publication of papers that conflict with the dominant (and very profitable) theme of contemporary climate science.

The forces of the climate doom orthodoxy are very strong, and well entrenched inside the halls of government and powerful private lobbies and wealthy foundations that fund research. When the UAE CRU's ClimateGate misbehaviour came up before the parliamentary committee, most informed persons expected a coverup, or whitewash. As it happens, that is what we got.

So. We need to keep an account of those involved in misleading the public, and in misallocating public funds. There will be a reckoning, sooner or later. We do not want to punish the wrong persons, when the time comes.

UK Parliamentary Commons Committee of Science and Technology:
Member                                                 Constituency                              Party
Mr Phil Willis (Chair)                    Harrogate and Knaresborough     Lib Dem
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods     City of Durham                             Labour
Mr Tim Boswell                           Daventry                                      Conservative
Mr Ian Cawsey                            Brigg and Goole                           Labour
Mrs Nadine Dorries                     Mid Bedfordshire                         Conservative
Dr Evan Harris                             Oxford  West  Abingdon              Lib Dem
Dr Brian Iddon                              Bolton South East                       Labour
Mr Gordon Marsden                    Blackpool South                          Labour
Dr Doug Naysmith                       Bristol North West                       Labour
Dr Bob Spink                              Castle Point                                  Independent
Ian Stewart                                  Eccles                                          Labour
Graham Stringer                          Manchester, Blackley                    Labour
Dr Desmond Turner                    Brighton, Kemptown                     Labour
Mr Rob Wilson                           Reading East                                 Conservative

It is important to emphasise that at this time the important thing is to keep a clear and accurate record of what persons in positions of responsibility are doing.  Then, when all is clear, to hold them to account for what they have done.  It is much too early to understand the economic devastation that is coming as a result of misguided and corrupt institutional policies.  The chain of causation will be much clearer in the future.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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