19 March 2010

New Foldable Form of Urban Transport

The key advantages of the mini-farthing design are:
It is super-small and light so it can go everywhere in a city. The light weight means it is easy to carry up/down stairs, in the store or as part of a commute. The small folded size means it is easy to tuck away on a train or bus, in a car, in an elevator, in a closet, under a desk etc.
There is no parking hassle meaning it is faster to get from point to point. And because you can just take it with you, there is less risk of theft.
The mechanics are enclosed so it is both low maintenance andclothes don’t get damaged (particularly when carrying).
It is a stable platform with emphasis on safety. The shorter wheel-base makes it very manoeuvrable, the front wheel is a decent size for bumps and curbs, the upright riding position makes it easier to see and be seen in traffic and handle-bars are no longer a hazard in an accident.

All of these features mean that a mini-farthing can often be the most convenient and fastest way to move around congested cities – particularly when combined with public transport.

Source -- ImpactLab


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Blogger Sojka's Call said...

A few of my friends and I discussed this invention a couple weeks ago. The most poignant comment one made was "Why not just ride a folding bicycle?" Indeed, why not?

This adds complexity and weight and does not look quite that simple to ride and for what? So, you don't have to use your leg muscles at all.

As another one said looks like a solution waiting for a problem. I don't know - to me, it is still cool from an engineering perspective.

One caveat - all the people discussing and myself are bike riders. :)

Friday, 19 March, 2010  

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