18 February 2010

Blue Brain Tour in Lausanne: What Is Happening?

Henry Markram brings us up to date on the aims of Blue Brain.  H/T MachinesLikeUs

The Swiss Blue Brain Project is meant to provide a "machine model" of the brain, for purposes of neuroscientific study.  It does not mean to build a machine intelligence.  Instead, Blue Brain is a massive simulation of brain function down to the level of ion channels within individual neurons.

Markram expects the project to provide a means for solving the diseases of the brain -- including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and others -- at a cellular and molecular level.

Clearly, Blue Brain is a massively ambitious and expensive project.  How soon will it begin to pay for itself by solving the critical problems of brain degeneration and other deficits of brain function?  It is impossible to say.

The video segment above is the "year one" report out of a "ten year project" to document the Blue Brain project on film.

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