03 January 2010

Understanding the Brain / Mind: Key Concept Videos

Understanding how the human mind works is one of the key steps to self-liberation. Exciting discoveries in cognitive science, neuroscience, and machine "cognition" are paving the way to a powerful comprehension of who we are and what we can do. The following links go to different cognitive science and neural science conferences on video. Think of them as hidden gold mines of mental treasure.

Almaden Institue 2006 Cognitive Computing

2007 Brain Network Dynamics Conference at UCB

Almaden 2007 Cognitive Computing at UCB

2008 Holiday Lectures Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion, and Memory

NIH Neuroscience Videos and Podcasts

A very good set of links to Online Neuroscience Lectures (Kilgard UT Dallas)

A good set of links to mind / brain lectures from 2006

Free Online Cognitive Psychology Courses from Top Universities

A lecture is only a tiny bite of knowledge, needing to be fleshed out by careful study, using several sources. Contradictory sources are best because they force one to think in order to resolve the contradictions, if possible.

We are fortunate that politics has largely ignored the subjects of cognitive science and neuroscience. Freedom from political correctness and political restraints in funding allows a science to progress more or less naturally over time.

In other areas of study, such as gender and ethnic differences in cognitive abilities, or climate science, the political constraints prevent the necessary open free for all, the give-and-take that good science requires.

Getting past political correctness is one significant goal of the next level project. To do that, we must understand the human mind in isolation and in groups.

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