11 January 2010

Portrait in Duct Tape Competence

A group of fishermen chartered a plane into the Alaskan wilderness. They left a cooler full of fish and bait on the seat of the plane. While they were gone, a bear caught the scent, and clawed its way to the fish inside. Needless to say, the airplane was in no condition for flying back home.
But the plane's radio still worked, so the pilot radioed for help. Another pilot flew in 2 new tires, 3 full cases of duct tape, and some plastic sheeting.

After a bit of creative taping, the pilot was able to fly the plane home, where a more permanent repair could be performed.

Story via ImpactLab

Whose idea was it to store fish inside a plane in the middle of bear country? No matter. All's well that ends well. Competence in duct tape -- plus a few other odds and ends -- might get you out of a tough spot.


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