11 January 2010

New Robotic Companion Does It All

A company called True Companion is displaying a companion robot named Roxxxy at the Adult Entertainmnet Expo in Las Vegas.   Roxxxy was designed by Douglas Hines, an expert in artificial intelligence who formerly worked for Bell Labs. 

She stands (with assistance) 5' 7" and weighs 120 pounds.   And ... she can talk!   According to her inventor, Hines, she can talk about anything a person is interested in.    She has wireless access to the internet, so that once she learns what her significant other is interested in, she can do a bit of research on the side.
Depending on your mood, you can assign the robot different personalities such as Frigid Farrah or Mature Martha, who will respond differently based on the personality you choose. For example, if you hold Mature Martha’s hand, she may say “I love holding hands,” whereas if you touch Frigid Farrah she may say “What are you going to do with that hand?” _Voxy
True Companion has plans to create a male companion, called Rocky. The question of whether Rocky is capable of knocking out his significant other every time a bell rings, was not discussed by company officials.
The initial concept for the current sex robot began with a conversation several years ago. A friend and Douglas Hines were remembering a dear friend who passed away [inside Tower 1 at the World Trade Center on 9/11 - Ed.]. Douglas thought that it was sad to not be able to ever talk to him again. He said “wouldn't it be great if I could create a robot with artificial intelligence and have it hold someone's personality and preferences - this way, we could talk to the robotic version of that person and ask it questions whenever we wanted?" We thought it was a great idea though we both agreed that it would be a very big undertaking. _Dscriber

Al Fin cognitive scientists have been quoted as saying that Roxxxy is not likely to be intelligent enough to take out to a nice restaurant. Maybe Taco Bell, but nothing classy or expensive. Al Fin writers have been quoted as saying that the story about 9/11 inspiring a sex robot is hokey to the point of questioning the mental integrity of the person telling the story. Al Fin social coordinators have jokingly remarked that True Companion is the first company that can offer true computer dating.

More at PC World

Roxxxy will be sold in a price range between $7,000 and $9,000.

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Blogger kurt9 said...

I have to admit that the idea of sex robots is quite creepy to me.

Monday, 11 January, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

Be careful, Kurt. This is the second time you have expressed this idea. A Shakespearean psychoanalyst might suppose that you protest too much. ;-)

Eventually, the state of the art for virtual reality sex using machine surrogates will be good enough to overcome even your gut level reservations, Kurt.

The danger of machine sex, VR sex, brain implant sex, etc. growing so pleasurable as to reduce male-female affinity and bonding, is real. The problem is minimal currently. But not for long.

The need for artificial wombs and machine nannies is soon to grow super-critical.

Monday, 11 January, 2010  

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