04 January 2010

It's Gonna Be Cold Outside, Campers

...we are at the start of an EVEN sun-spot cycle (number 24) which are generally colder than odd cycles even when there are lots of sunspots. Other factors also come into play – such as lunar effects; but CO2 is not one of them. The theory of man-made CO2 driven Global Warming & climate change is failed sciencebased on fraudulent data and it has no forecasting power or value”, he said.“This winter marks the end of any credibility in the theory of man-made CO2 driven Climate Change of global warming zealots; and the beginning of continuing general decline in world temperatures which will stay below recent levels for at least 100 years (6). Honest greens who want to defend nature’s bounteousness had best bail out now or they will get dragged down with the fraudsters. _ClimateRealist_via_TomNelson
In October, the UK Met Office predicted a mild winter. Of course, the Met Office is in bed with the UEA CRU climate grifters -- the central figures of ClimateGate manipulation of IPCC reports, hiders of the decline, and censors of what is published in peer review. If you want real predictions you have to go elsewhere than the official gatekeepers. In other words, be skeptical and have a lot of sources for your information.

In other climate news, Burt Rutan -- revolutionary aerospace engineer and designer -- is working on a personal report dealing with climate data used by climatologists. Rutan had no reason to be skeptical of official carbon hysteria -- until he started looking at the details behind the headlines and pronouncements. Then he became concerned.
The climate scientist’s problem of proving his human-caused GHG crisis theory seemed, to my engineering mind, impossible. This is what attracted me to study the raw data and to see if there was fraud in its summary presentations, since the slightest changes in the data, such as abit of cherry picking tree rings or even an ‘innocent’ selection of a truncated temperature data set, is all that would be needed to alarm the naive non-scientific audience. It is important to note that those who write UN summary reports and those who make energy policy decisions do not look at the raw data; they only see the summary presentations. My conclusion is that, if the analysis (yes, the analysis by climate scientists) had been required to pass a typical engineering preliminary design review,
the crisis theory would have never been passed on to the non-technical audience.

...those scientists that claimed that warming is human-caused and catastrophic, tended to be the ones who sought out the media to proclaim their views (an unusual behavior for scientists immersed in the proper scientific procedure). The larger group of scientists that did not agree tended to be mute. This, of course gave the media and some politicians an impression that there was scientific “consensus”, even though it did not exist. _Burt Rutan PDF Introduction
Rutan's final report on his analysis of climate change data should be out within the next 3 months.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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