12 January 2010

Gerald Celente's 2010 US Predictions

Gerald Celente's Predictions:

  • Survivalism Goes Mainstream

  • Budgets will shrink at all scales from states to households

  • Backlash against immigration

  • More terrorist attacks likely

  • Anti-China backlash -- "Buy Local" movement

  • Continuing Economic collapse

  • A new movement toward "yankee ingenuity"  innovation

  • Collapse of cable and satellite TV in favour of online entertainments and news

  • Rising importance of spirit - lifting diversions -- including art, beauty, style, and class

  • These predictions are taken from the Trends Research Institute Journal website

    Celente's point about diversions is important. People often turn to spiritual aspects of life during economic downturns. Religion, poetry, art, literature -- may well thrive during depressions. Prostitution, drug addiction, gambling, and addiction to games and sports may also increase.

    His reference to "down-sizing" of budgets at all scales is likewise pertinent. It will not hurt most Americans to consume at thriftier levels. Particularly if they pay more attention to -- and make sure they get more enjoyment from -- the things they are consuming.

    Survivalism as a mainstream pursuit can be seen as either a diversion, a means of enabling more sustainable consumption, or as a reflection of any of Celente's main predictions above. There is considerable overlap between the "thrift movement" and the "survival movement", etc.

    Celente has been predicting "total economic collapse" for quite some time, as a video search could easily demonstrate. And over time, US government debt has risen as a proportion of GDP -- an ominous sign, beyond a certain point. Under the current US government, debt has already mushroomed far beyond anything seen before. And the Obama - Pelosi government is just getting started -- not that an opposition government would do much to reverse the course that Obama has already set in stone.

    Al Fin Futurists consider Celente's predictions to be modest and a bit too cautious. But I suppose to get the really juicy predictions in a timely manner, one would need to subscribe to the newsletter . . .

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Celente predicts the destruction of cable and satellite TV, but that still leave broadcast TV around to spread lies.

    That and many of our local papers will be ailing but still in existence. The NYT sadly may still be in business too.

    Thursday, 14 January, 2010  

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