16 December 2009

Too Late for Europe to Save Herself

With approximately 52 million Muslims now residing in Europe, most experts believe that the European demographics are challenged. In my opinion, it is too late for Europe to save itself. The radical component of this aforesaid group is increasing dramatically, and they do not conform to the host society. They would prefer that the host society adapt to their laws and customs.

Does this mean that although Europe is lost, everywhere else in the west is safe? Hardly.
Using Quebec as an example, the Muslim community in that province has grown and exploded since the last census taking, and their increase in permitted immigration there has swelled by more than 140% within the last decade. If ever they get the opportunity to propagate here as they have in Europe, over 52 million we will become a minority people within mere decades. Unfortunately, our government has done little to prevent them from settling here in large numbers, and they are enjoying the freedom we offer.

...As far as Sharia Law is concerned, we are already witnessing the consequences of allowing them even a limited amount of freedom in that area in England, Belgium and Denmark. Sharia requires its followers to engage in Jihad through whatever means possible, and if not for any other reason, that should be enough for us to have Sharia Law banned in this country.

Sharia explicitly calls for the use of violent techniques that are designed to create fear amongst the so-called infidels, and whoever stands in the way of a potential Muslim theocracy would be easily eliminated. The suppression and brutalization of women and persecution of our gay society must never be permitted to take hold here. All we have to do is take a drive through Detroit, and see what Sharia Law has done there. Such immoral practices of religious justice stems from the Qur’an itself, and it is cruel. Their oppressive and barbaric laws can contribute nothing to the betterment of our society, or for that matter, even theirs. __DarkLessonsEurabia
The US has its own "deathlands", where viral Islam devastates the land and population unopposed.
A few months ago, I drove through a sector of Michigan called Dearborn. I stopped at a red light and took advantage of the brief interlude to survey my surroundings. I could have sworn that I was back in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. The men were walking a few steps in front of the women, as was customary, while the women all covered in dark shades of burkas’ and hijabs trailed a fair distance behind pushing baby strollers. That on its own was proof enough for me that Sharia Law was observed.

However, there were other indicators as well. The Sharia courts in Detroit and surrounding areas are authorized to settle family disputes without the consent of the US courts, and use shaming tactics as a tool for punishment. That is also legal. They have their own religious policing unit that operate independently from the local authorities, and recently, so-called ‘infidel residents’ have stated that they do believe that “honour killings” are carried out, and the bodies disposed of in secluded areas of the state that are not easy to get to by the state authorities. _DarkLessons

Islam is a primitive religion that thrives among populations of low intelligence. The average intelligence of muslims outside North America is close to 85 -- about the same average intelligence as African Americans in the US. High intelligence countries such as in Europe, North America, and Oceania should think long and hard before importing large numbers of significantly lower intelligence populations. Particularly low intelligence peoples raised from birth into a fanatical and dysfunctional totalitarian ideology such as Islam.

For Europe, it is too late. Too many rapidly procreating muslims were imported too quickly for any chance of adjustment or assimilation. Europe is doomed. What about Canada? Australia? The US? If the people wake up, some of those countries might be saved from the coming bloody wars of attempted religious conquest by Islamo-zombie fundamentalists. What about your hometown?

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Blogger Eshenberg said...

It's wrong to force person assimilate or even expect than it will assimilate(from a "weak" personality You can expect it)
Yes, Europeans and later east Asians(native) are doomed,they care much more about other existence(it's not wrong,only when times become not so well,don't cry that no one will care(help) about you) and sex android dolls! So result are low self-assessment and birth rates;)
Yes,such creatures will not be saved by technologies.

Sorry about the openness,
Kas pats sev nepalīdz,tam ar cit nepalīdz!

Thursday, 17 December, 2009  
Blogger Ugh said...

Al, Orson Scott Card explores this near future scenario in his final book of the "Ender" series called The Shadow of the Giant. In his world massive wars are waged between the Muslims of the Middle East and Europe and India and China. India had been lost to the forces of the Caliphate and was occupied territory - so the final battles were for China. Where was the US??? Military isolationists, who ruled the Space Force and fostered global business. It's a fascinating story that stands up well on its own apart from the series.

Thursday, 17 December, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Martins, thanks for your comment. If technology cannot save us, perhaps our unalloyed will to survive combined with a willingness to do whatever it takes, will carry us through.

Craig, several SF novels from the 80s and 90s saw the US as an isolationist high-tech power, "above-the-fray" as it were.

I doubt it will turn out that way. Not with Obama as president and the doomseekers of envirocatastrophe running the US Congress.

Dearborn is not just a river in Egypt, er, I mean, not just a city in Michigan. There is a little bit of Dearborn in every part of the US.

Thursday, 17 December, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would recommend to not write off Europe so early:
1) The number of muslims in Europe is overestimated
2) The locals are slow to react, but they are reacting. It is not easy to change course and it require time.
It is a slow incremental, exponential thing. When a way of thinking move from the fringes to the mainstream.

Anyway, the Muslims in Europa have a big problem in their hands. They need the welfare provided by the kafir and they lack crucial skill sets and abilities. They start to impose their rule to the kafirs openly, they find themselves without support. If they start to impose their rule, they will need to separate themselves from the rest of the population, become an easy target.

In a book, Wisdom of the Crowd, there is the example of the spontaneous queue creation. The queue work well when it is able to form spontaneously and it is able to withstand the disruption caused by the occasional individuals trying to jump the queue.

Wednesday, 23 December, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

Europe is not lost. the european people must institute cultural ministries and preserve their local customs and culture, even if that imposes upon 'minorities.' -it is not a matter of superiority, it is a matter of self preservation.

Saturday, 09 April, 2011  

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