20 December 2009

Monkeys of Duke, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Chicago

It is getting to the point that thoughtful parents can no longer trust a university -- any university -- with the education of their children. Too many university faculty and staff members are ideological jihadists in disguise -- indoctrinators and political activists rather than educators. Here is a followup on the 88 monkeys of Duke:
You might think that a university whose students were victims of the most notorious fraudulent rape claim in recent history, and whose professors -- 88 of them -- signed an ad implicitly presuming guilt, and whose president came close to doing the same would have learned some lessons.

The facts are otherwise. They also suggest that Duke University's ugly abuse in 2006 and 2007 of its now-exonerated lacrosse players -- white males accused by a black stripper and hounded by a mob hewing to political correctness -- reflects a disregard of due process and a bias against white males that infect much of academia.

In September, far from taking pains to protect its students from false rape charges, Duke adopted a revised "sexual misconduct" policy that makes a mockery of due process and may well foster more false rape charges by rigging the disciplinary rules against the accused.

Meanwhile, none of the 88 guilt-presuming professors has publicly apologized. (Duke's president, Richard Brodhead, did -- but too little and too late.) Many of the faculty signers -- a majority of whom are white -- have expressed pride in their rush to judgment. None was dismissed, demoted, or publicly rebuked. Two were glorified this month in Duke's in-house organ as pioneers of "diversity," with no reference to their roles in signing the ad. Three others have won prestigious positions at Cornell, Vanderbilt, and the University of Chicago. _StuartTaylor
KC Johnson's award-winning coverage of the Duke case
Look here for legal comments on the issue at Volokh Conspiracy
Indoctrination into PC intolerance at universities in North America is at a critical level. Parents need to think long and hard about whether they will go into debt for years to finance the indoctrination and mind-warping of their child.

Rand Simberg has some interesting comments about the education bubble

These academic monkeys have been throwing shit at students -- making the students pay for it and forcing them to eat it -- for far too long. It is time for some creative payback.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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